Stuff on a Sunday #26

On Sunday we were meant to have a midwife visit but I had a call early in the morning asking if we could come into the hospital for the 5 day check as they were really busy and struggling to get round to everyone. This was fine by me as it meant we didn’t have to just hang around all day waiting! So off we went to hospital with Athena in tow, where Arlo managed to piss all over me, Sam, the bed the nurse and the floor as well as his cord dropping off as we got him undressed! Good work laddo! He hadn’t lost much weight and his jaundice had faded to a lovely pink. We headed home and in the afternoon Sam took Athena for a walk on the Downs with friends so Arlo and I could have a long nap. Monday was much the same, Sam took Athena out again for a long walk and the littlest one and I snoozed some more! Sam made good use of the Manduca carrier too, which I’ll be reviewing soon! Athena turned 22 months old too!

20150405_102852  20150405_161310

A family hospital lift snap & Athena in her new ears!

On Tuesday we popped to a friends for tea and cake and to introduce her and her daughters to Arlo, and we also went to get Arlo registered and he’s now all official and real! We walked to pick Athena up from nursery in the lovely early evening sunshine and loved showing her ‘Ruvver’ to her little nursery chums! Arlo became a whole week old!

20150408_152854  20150408_152630
Long boarding & pebble throwing!

Wednesday was lovely and warm so we headed to Littlehampton beach for a nice walk and so Sam could play around on his new Longboard on a nice straight promenade! Athena is somewhat of a pro at doing ‘wide legs’ on the board and letting Sam drag her along, her balance is impressive and now she gets upset when Sam wants to board himself!


On Thursday Sam went out for a bit on his longboard again and I finally got started on answering some emails that had been stacking up since Arlo arrived!  Skye popped over to see us in the afternoon which was lovely, and Athena was completely zonked after her day at Nursery so was a bit cranky.


Friday was my first day alone with both babies as Sam was back at work. Amazingly they both fell asleep on me around 11am, something Athena rarely does these days! We were all in our PJs till Sam got home around 4pm and then we all took a quick trip into town for lightbulbs (my bedside bulb went and I need it to see to do nappy changes etc overnight!) and to the park for Athena to hurtle about on the way home!

Sams Mum and Sister arrived to visit and meet Arlo on Saturday, arriving just after the midwife left (having cancelled her visit the day before, gah!) but Arlo is back at his birth weight and we’ve been discharged from midwife care now! After lunch we walked into town where Sams mum treated us to a whole set of matching towels, would you believe at my age I have never owned more than 2 towels that match each other at the same time? I feel like a proper grown up now with my fluffy mauve towels! We strolled along the seafront so Sam could guess what…. yep longboard again! Arlo got pretty hungry so I had a couple of stints of walking along breastfeeding him which does my back no favours and I need to work out how to adjust the stretchy wrap to allow for easy feeding without having to hold him properly… it’ll come in time I’m sure!

I’m now sat typing this up (on Saturday night) with a hot chocolate. Athena is in bed and Arlo is swaddled up snoozing too and Sam has gone out for dinner with his family. I was planning on attempting to write up a few blog posts for next week but I am feeling pretty zonked myself after so much walking and fresh air so I think I’ll head to bed to get on with my book actually!

For a couple of days I felt bad that I’ve not really blogged much since Arlo arrived but you never get these first few weeks back of feeding and snuggling and cuddling so the blogging can wait a few more days, although I have got a birth story post coming up tomorrow! I am however being a lot more wordy over on Instagram so if you want to join me over there please do!

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6 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday #26

  1. Wow that sounds like one epic wee Arlo did! Oliver’s cord didn’t drop off ages I remember being concerned it never would. I am very jealous that you live so close to so many beaches.
    Have a fab week
    Becky xx

  2. Ahhh sounds like a busy but lovely week!!! I can’t believe how many midwife visits/appointments you’ve had…I think we’ve dropped off the radar! We had one when Noah was 6 days old and nothing since! YAY for fluffy new towels!! I never thought I’d ever become a grown up who got excited about things like towels….xx

  3. Looks like you’ve had a lovely week. Walking whilst breastfeeding?!! How did you manage that? I needed a seat with a cushion preferably haha! Arlo is a sweetie, looks like you’ve having a great time. Enjoy those precious early days 🙂 x #TWTWC

  4. I’m so impressed that you’re actually blogging at all right now!! And replying to emails! Super Mama!! Gorgeous photos – Arlo looks like he’s settling into the family well and you’re doing amazingly!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  5. what a gorgeous first week together! Impressed you’ve been out and about walking so much post-surgery too! Even more impressed with Athena’s long-boarding skills; I still can’t stand up on one now! xxx

  6. Sounds like a lovely week and it sounds like you are getting into the swing of two babies. I love Athena’s ears and that photo of Arlo asleep – I just want to squish him!! x

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