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When I found out I was expecting a baby one of the first things I decided (other than to dress the baby as a penguin at Christmas) was that being a mama wouldn’t change me. How wrong I was! It’s changed me in lots of ways, but for now I’m going to concentrate on how I look.

I spent a little while last night going back through various old outfit posts and mourning for how I used to look (some of my fav outfits are above) But now I’m different. My legs are bigger, my belly is still flabby and looks like it did when I was 20 weeks pregnant and despite lugging a chunky Athena around I still have bingo wings. Lets not mention the rolls of flab under my bra strap on my back either. However I’m not going to give myself a time limit  to lose weight or anything extreme like that, instead I am going to embrace my ‘mum-tum’ and dress to (attempt to) flatter my current body shape. If it changes (and hopefully it will, in time) then I’ll be able to fit back into my old dresses, but to be honest if I don’t change back for a while it doesn’t matter because I cant breast feed in the majority of them anyway, and that’s a big factor in deciding what to wear these days. So welcome to my new, pretty boring uniform:


Purple Jumper: H&M. Spotty Jeans: Topshop. Photo-bombing foot: baby’s own. (Sam was holding the baby and taking pictures)

So I have become a jeans-wearer. I bought a pair of jeans when I was pregnant, and am still wearing them now  (Topshop under the bump Leigh jeans) and they are comfy! Till now the only trousers I wore were leggings under dresses, or shorts, and this has been the case since my early 20’s. Jeans and trousers generally don’t flatter me and I didn’t find them comfortable either. But recently the need for clothes I can discreetly breastfeed in has meant that more often than not now I’m wearing a jumper over a nursing vest and jeans. I even bought a second pair! I do have some dresses with buttons that I can feed in, however you normally need to unbutton pretty much to your waist which isn’t ideal!  I’ve  also decided that I need to start accessorising more, I think it will help me feel a bit more ‘me’ and a bit less mumsy, so at some point soon I need to sort out all my jewellery and finish un packing it so I can see what I’ve got and then hopefully wear it!


My mum gave me this as a little wedding present, however it is the perfect size for baby fists to grab.


So I seem to have gone from a persistent dress wearer to an almost-always in leggings or jeans person. You know what, it really isn’t that bad! I can lie on the floor with the baby without flashing whoever else is in the room!

To all the mamas out there, what have you done to retain a bit of pre baby you? And how has your style changed, if at all, since your beautiful bundle arrived?

6 thoughts on “Project anti slummy-mummy

  1. Yay another mummy going through a New Mum Makeover! I love the spotty jeans. One thing I have noticed is that I have more confidence with my body so when previously have worried about a lump or bump showing being comfortable and having accessible bobs is more important. Loving your style xxx

  2. I think you look gorgeous, you really suit the new mummy look and aren’t a slummy mummy at all! It’s a great attitude to have too. Love the necklace!

    Lyndsay xx

  3. I think you look gorgeous, you really suit the new mummy look and aren’t a slummy mummy at all! It’s a great attitude to have too. Love the necklace!

    Lyndsay xx

  4. Since having kids I’ve lived in my jeans everyday since having kids. Mainly because running after them or pushing the pushchair and trying to hold a skirt down in the wind is quite a challenge. I’m determined not to remain that way and have started to wear dresses and skirts more as they are older but it’s just so easy to wear comfy stuff with them xx

  5. I wear jeans an awful lot more now as well but I also do a lot of strappy dresses with tights and a chunky knit cardy. I pull my boob over the dress and use funky scarfs to keep feeding discreet. Having to dress for breastfeeding and hiding my mum tum is certainly more challenging though! I also bought some teething necklaces as I know whatever I wear will be pulled and chewed by a little person. Good luck!

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