In which I am not well

top: H&M skirt: Zara Vest top: Primark

I genuinely have done nothing and worn nothing of interest, hence this outfit being worn about 2 weeks ago and lingering on my memory card. It isn’t even an exciting outfit. I just like bows, and polka dots.

So I think I tempted fate when I said in this post that nothing thrilling would happen on Tuesday. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning saw me sat in A&E for four and a half hours getting various tests done because I somehow managed to lose consciousness, crumple to the floor, clonk my head on a metal edge, then the floor, had some kind of seizure in which I jibbered away like a fool, waved my arms around, and I bit my lip. This happened at work late on Tuesday night, but luckily it happened in the kitchen, and Sam was in the same room (we work together, for those that didn’t know!)

Once I had ‘woken up’ and got over the weird fact that I was suddenly on the floor and not stood where I had been 30 seconds ago, I got freaked out. I have never ever in my life fainted or had a seizure, so it was scary and strange. I called NHS direct who said that I should go to hospital as I was clearly not right. Whilst I thought of the research about  CBD and seizures,   Long story short, I went back to work yesterday, also had an appointment with my GP who is referring me to the ‘first fit’ clinic (I bloody well hope it is my last) and they are worried because I didn’t feel faint or dizzy before hand, I just crumpled. I am not meant to have a bath/shower with the door locked, and definitely not if there is nobody in the house. This is a proper shitter for me, because I love long relaxing baths, and if Sam or our lovely housemate need to keep checking on me, there will be little relaxation. I am naughty tho as I just had a shower when nobody is in, but in my defence I cannot go to work smelly, and I feel fine apart from this residual headache from the immense bruise on the back of my head.

Anyone else experienced anything similar, or know anybody who has? How did you cope with it, did they become more frequent? What tests were run on you to find out the cause? I’m worried that it will happen again, when I am out on my own or driving or something… BUT I am not going to let it take over my life and am going to carry on with life as I was, as much as I can. Perhaps I should start wearing Sam’s American football helmet at all times?
Thanks to all those who tweeted me nice things, I appreciated it lots, and big thanks to Sam who stayed with me in A&E till I was allowed home, at 3am, when he had to be up for work again at half 6!
I’m working tonight till 11pm and then tomorrow till 3pm, so no idea when I will next post, but I am planning on heading to London on Sunday to the London Wedding Project so fingers crossed nothing untoward happens between now & then!  I Hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you get up to! I am very behind on catching up with blogs as I have spent my time sleeping apart from a half day at work, but I have monday off and plan on doing nothing but lounging around with tea and my laptop!

30 thoughts on “In which I am not well

  1. I’m a bath lover too and that must be so annoying! Just get them to yell through the door every 15 minutes – still, not relaxing 🙁 Fingers crossed it was just a one off!x

    1. I really hope so! had a bath tonight and it was all cushty, but that was with a shout/knock every 5 minutes. but it was without mishap so perhaps the checking intervals will be longer next time!

  2. Oh no that’s awful, it must have been really scary. I guess it is really annoying having someone to watch over you all the time, although hopefully with time it’ll get less intense and you’ll have a bit more freedom.

    I hope you feel a lot better soon!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  3. Awww love, that sounds terrifying! Good job Sam was in the room at the time. I do hope you can get to the bottom of what happened/caused it and that you feel better soon. The worst part with these things is not knowing the reason/cause. Good luck sweetie 🙂 xx

  4. Just wanted to send you a huge hug and tell you to hang on in there. x
    My husband is epileptic and asked me to pass on the following to you:
    1. This could be just a one-off seizure (stress etc), so it may not be the worst-case scenario
    2. If it does turn out to be epilepsy, there are so many amazing medications out there that control it and allow you to lead as normal a life as possible
    3. There is absolutely no reason not to lead that normal life – in six years he’s only had one grand mal seizure and that’s because he stupidly stopped taking his medication for a whole week. The doctors and your local hospital keep regular checks on you, so everything should be absolutely fine.
    4. Take deep breaths, relax and know that you are currently in the best possible hands and that it really will all pan out.

    Don’t hesitate if you want to ask any more questions or just need a friendly ear 🙂 xx

    1. I said thanks on twitter, but again, I really did appreciate this info, and especially as your husband will be being treated by the same people who I would be seeing at Brighton!
      Love to you and to him! xxx

  5.  🙁 You take care of yourself missy! Please don’t have a bath!It’s not just the danger of banging your head, but also the process of getting into the bath demands a lot on your body, it’s not worth the risk. xxx

  6. Oh my God that’s awful! For two years I used to faint just completely randomly off and on, the doctors couldn’t tell me why! I never had seizures or anything like that though. Fingers crossed yours is just a one off xx

  7. Oh gosh, this is awful. I am glad you are ok and I hope it doesn’t happen again! Could it be to do with stress?

    1. I don’t think so, I reckon it would’ve happened a lot sooner if so! 😉 but seriously, I hope not! Hopefully the tests they do will narrow it down!

  8. Oh no, that does sound scary, sorry that it happened to you. These things can just be simple one offs due to a whole manner of different things and I’m sure the Doctor and the people at the clinic will help you find out how it happened and what you do next. Try and take it easy and get lots of rest and I hope you’ll be feeling better soon.

    1. I’m already much brighter, trying to not think about it so it doesn’t start to worry me anymore!!
      Thanks for your lovely comment xx

    2. I’m already much brighter! not dwelling on it, as people have to deal with far worse on a day to day basis! If it happens again then I will worry a little more!
      Thanks for your lovely comment x

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