In which I answer questions

1.What’s your favorite fashion accessory?

Scarves!! preferably square fabric scarves, as opposed to woolly ones, when it gets cold I normally wear a snood AND a fabric scarf. Sometimes the scarves are in the hair, or tied to my handbag… but there is normally one about!
(this is Amsterdam, and two scarves wasn’t enough!)

2. Who’s your favorite fashion role model?

I honestly don’t have one, there isn’t a celebrity that I NEEEEEEEDD to look like, or follow specifically (I will admit I wouldn’t mind looking like an Olsen, either one, not fussed) and there also isn’t a non celebrity that I aspire to be like. I like to be me really.

3. What do you always carry with you?

A bag… currently its a duck-egg blue faux leather jobby from miss selfridge (ah! I can now do a ‘whats in my bag’… my favourite ever post/video type!… watch this space!)

4. How would you describe your style?

Not out of the ordinary, but not run of the mill. I don’t wear trousers (apart from leggings) So I normally wear a dress (short) with a cardigan, or a top and skirt…
I have things i’ve worn for years, and I often buy things and massacre them to make them ‘me’ (changing buttons, cutting linings out, hemming higher…)
One of my current favs…

5. What’s your favorite? Jeans, sunglasses, or heels?

I don’t do jeans, I rarely do heels (well, I normally wear these in the cream/black colour at work) but I do have many many pairs of sunglasses! so they’re my fav I guess!

6. What inspired you to blog about fashion?

I don’t yet….. what inspired me to blog at all is the fact that I read so many brilliant blogs and thought, why the hell not give it a try! I’ll blog about whatever takes my fancy… not just fashion. No one wants to be pigeon holed!

7. What’s your favorite fabric in clothing?

No specific loves, but I HATE things that crease the moment you put them on (plus I never iron anything so creasing is a bad thing!)

8. Who or what inspires your style?

People I see out and about, I flick through magazines every so often (marie claire and inStyle are delivered to work every month… so I read them for free… although the prices of the things featured are RIDIC!)

9. Would you choose to buy something high quality or make it yourself if you could?

If I had the patience I would make myself clothes. If I had to patience to explain to my mum (a trained fashion designer and seamstress) I would get her to do it… but I dont. She made my prom dress tho!

I Honestly can’t remember who I got these questions from, they were saved in a notepad file on my desktop and have been since 2010, but please pinch them and link me to your posts!

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