In which I start to think about wedding dresses…

Since getting engaged back in July, the only thing I am decided on is that I want a knee length dress, with petticoats (possibly coloured) underneath, fifties style. Shoe-wise, I’d love Vivienne Westwood Melissas, with the hearts on the front! (I may well change my mind between now and the big day, perhaps even between now and setting the date, which is at a a vague 2013 at the moment!)

Candy Anthony make stunning dresses, just way out of my price range…

Something like this, but a little more personalised… a sash or brooch maybe?

Obviously I wont look as stylish as Audrey… but I love boat necklines!

2 thoughts on “In which I start to think about wedding dresses…

  1. I always though I’d go for a dress like this. I still think my friends and family will be shocked when I don’t walk down the aisle in an Audrey inspired frock!

    You must investigate Jo Flemming. She’s based in Brighton and she makes some beautiful tea length dreses at fairly reasonable prices. She’s making a 30s inspred coat for my wedding day and her work is incredible.

    Loveaudrey xxx

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