In which I go to Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is one of the nicest places in London, a gorgeous view, no horrid chavvy types hanging around causing a scene….

I also had a little stroll (read: manic march through tourists and dozy looking people alike) down Oxford street, and managed to buy 2 dresses I didn’t need from Forever21. (Which is reasonably priced, but quality wise I shall keep you posted!)

I’ll wear one of the dresses to a wedding that I’m going to in Norwich this weekend (hoping to borrow some inspiration for my own wedding!) so will post a picture next week.

Selfridges had a short term exhibition The Museum of Everything which is well worth a visit! for a donation of £2 you get to look at some bizarre art works… but its a nice idea and they are a charitable organisation too!

watching: Made in Chelsea (hilarity right there! so scripted)
feeling: sleeeeepy!

2 thoughts on “In which I go to Primrose Hill

  1. AHHHHH how and where did you get these photo effects?!

    Also, I like Gordie shore but don’t really get Made in Chelsea?

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