I Baked some cupcakes to take to work on my first day back, everyone loved them but the day was just horrific! Its a good thing I saved a few at home to scoff when I got in (and I had a glass of wine, which is really rare for me on a work night!) but I felt like I needed it!

The recipes for the basic cake is from the hummingbird bakery book, and I made pink lemonade cupcakes (well, lemon curd in the centre with pink buttercream icing and purple sparkles) and some chocolate caramel cakes, with boiled condensed milk centres with vanilla icing, and some with chocolate centres for any caramel haters out there… I’m pleased to say the cakes went down a treat!

Boiled condensed milk!! takes FOREVER but tastes amazing!

I’ve found so many lovely blogs to add to my google reader, I’ve started to read the past posts of a few of my absolute favs too… so one day soon i’ll do must-read blogs post I reckon. [can someone tell me, if I add a subscription to google reader, do I become a follower of that blog automatically?]

Off to work shortly for the day, with no day off till Sunday, so any relaxation I felt from my hols will be long gone…. ce la vie!

watching: House – the new season!
listening: to the random man fixing the roof making a lot of noise! thank god I woke up before he started or i’d really be annoyed!

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