In which I moan about my boss

I went back to work on Monday after a ten day holiday (which was more like 2 days holiday and 8 days of illness) and I normally love my job, the people that I work with (most of them anyway) but a new Manager is causing me some strife. I’ve not met anybody who is so extraordinarily hard to get along with (not to mention demanding!). I answered the phone to him the other day and he said “there’s no need to sound so happy to talk to me”. WHO does that? He’s also glued to his blackberry, send him an email at 11 at night? he replies with more actions to add to the ever growing to do list. (I have a giant whiteboard for this purpose!)

I’ve always believed I am fairly good at my job, Running a business that takes over 2million a year isn’t easy, but I really never have doubted my skills and ability so much in this last month or so. I feel like my stress levels are rubbing off on the rest of the team, and that I’m not supporting them as much as I normally do.
The consolation is that he doesn’t work where I do every day of the week, just a couple of them (because he’s off making other peoples lives a misery the other days) phew. I downloaded Horrible Bosses the other day… I’ll watch it next time I feel like maiming him.

How do you all get on with your bosses? Any tips on keeping on top of Massive to do lists?

Anyway, since signing up to twitter in 2009 I just started using it! talk to me? 

And just so this isnt a completely depressing post….

Non work appropriate Manicure// Rosé vino, in a Mug
Blistex and faux Berocca to kill my cold// The view from my living room window two days ago

4 thoughts on “In which I moan about my boss

  1. I know what you mean. it’s so hard to, because when you work so hard and get nothing back, it makes you sad. All you can do is just put your head down, and one day karma will come round to him! Keep doing what your doing!
    (man what a gay reply I just wrote. I’m a wet blanket!)xx

  2. You know my views on this. What an arse. You are SUCH an asset and he shouldnt carry on like this because you’re so key to them!! On another note, how do you get your photos to go next to each other?!? I cant do it!!! xxx

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