In which I climb a gate

[scheduled to post Saturday, didn’t! rescheduled to post Sunday, didn’t. manually posted. BLOODY BLOGGER!]
mid gate-climb
Jumper: Primark, Dress: Newlook, Leggings: Primark, Scarf: borrowed (but handmade!)
SDC12397 SDC12398
(excuse the spotty fuzzy socks, they were the only ones I brought so I had to go buy some the  next day!)
birds & cherry blossoms! this dress is one of my favs! more of a tunic tho, lets say if I wore in with no leggings/shorts all of brighton would have seen my hoohoo by now.
SDC12407 SDC12406 SDC12408
mid gate dismount
These pictures were taken in one of my favourite Norfolk places, Salhouse Broad. Its a really isolated place, with little country paths, a big old secluded part of the broads, and wildlife! I first came here with Sam when we stayed a night on his dads boat the first year we were together, so it was nice to come back again with lots of friends on our trip, and have Sam’s best man (and his wife) & his Mum & sister join us for a BBQ, and luckily the night we chose to come here was the warmest night of the week so perfect for BBQs!
I’m probably slaving away at work as you read this (but writing it on Friday after work!) dealing with a large and over excited Greek wedding group, or interviewing someone, or other endless joys of my job. I actually don’t dislike my job at all, we’re just going through a particularly painful phase at the moment due to staffing levels and general idiots. I am also working tomorrow, on le day off. Which means I have to cancel my plans for lunch with my friend Yasmin, who I haven’t seen in over a month, which is buggerations.
I am still suffering from the cough and sore through. I cough on average once every three minutes minimum, and my voice tends to trail off half way through my sentences, which can be confusing for people. Tonight’s new symptom is the sneeze, which comes about 25 seconds after a coughing fit. I truly am a sight to behold. I went to bed after a bath with my new laptop beanbag table thing from Ikea >>> which is AMAZING because it doesn’t burn my legs through the duvet (as much)
I love a trip to Ikea, so after a sales strategy planning workshop (which isn’t as bad as it sounds) we went to the Lakeside ikea (mainly because I like driving over the Bridge on the m25) where Ben (colleague/friend) lost his Swedish bargain virginity. He was very restrained I must say. It was horribly rainy on the way to and from the course, so we listened to cheesy music to make it bearable (cotton eye joe, you remind me of the babe, the racoons theme tune), oh and obviously we had meatballs and gravy with Lingonberry sauce!
Oh, and I did an interview with the Brighton Cookery School, which you can read here!SDC12424
And a nice sappy one just because I can
Where is your favourite place to visit, or somewhere you’d love to re visit?! Got a cure for the common cough/cold? do tell…

5 thoughts on “In which I climb a gate

  1. I love your fence climbing attire, I can never get over those fences, normally end up getting stuck straddled atop of them! Xx

  2. Aww Salhouse is lovely! Glad to hear the weather was nice to you too 🙂 I’ve had a bit of a cold recently too, but a nice weekend being lazy has managed to chase it off a bit! x

  3. Salhouse looks like a lovely area, I’ve never been there either. Must make a note to visit. I love the print on your dress, very pretty. I have no cold remedies, other than share it with everyone to ensure the misery of being ill is spread evenly. Hope you get yourself on the mend soon x

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