In which I discuss hair, again!

As promised I said I would update you on my hairs progress with using the new Pantene range (see this post).

I’ve been washing and conditioning every 2 days, and deep conditioning every 4.

Much to my surprise, my hair genuinely does seem healthier, the main reason I say this is because less of it seems to be snapping off when I brush/comb it, and combing it is easier to do now too. Like I said before, I don’t brush it unless I have to, but I have been making a conscientious effort do look a little neater recently, partly because I was covering a few other sites at work and didn’t want to turn up looking a scruff, and partly because I was starting to not be able to get through the matted bits at the back (I know, so vile).

I’ve even blow dried my hair a couple of times, which has helped it to stay looking nicer for longer, but have not yet been able to go for more than two days without feeling like a greasy mess. I reckon that the sheer amount of conditioner being applied is not doing it much good, as it seems to be weighing it down, because its so fine anyway. I normally condition it about once a week, or use a leave in conditioner on the ends and I think that because I tend to wash my hair in the bath it doesn’t get rinsed properly, which is just laziness on my part…

Hopefully you can see the difference between this  IMG_2565 (which is admittedly still wet, but you get the idea) and this  SDC11092 ?


I have half the bottle of conditioner left, and have re purchased the shampoo to aim to finish at the same time, and much as I do like this range I think it seems to be weighing my hair down more than usual, so I’m going to trial doing a proper rinse with the shower head, and a cold rinse if I can stand it, to add shine!


On a completely unrelated note, if you use instagram please add me: belledubrighton as I am really enjoying using it, and most of my photo a day pictures (on my personal facebook) are instagrammed, and here are a couple of recent shots…





I’m currently just working or sleeping so it seems, and I wanted to get a few posts written to schedule whilst I’m in Germany (I go on Monday for just over a week) but not sure how successful I’ll be! I do have the weekend off before I go, so will do my best! But a) I like to sleep b) My laptop and I are having a hate hate relationship and c) I need to pack. I have however persuaded Emily, who I am going to see (and one of my bridesmaids!) to film the best friend tag with me when I’m staying with her! Huzzah!


Auf Wiedersehen (i’m practising!)

11 thoughts on “In which I discuss hair, again!

  1. I have the ” if I was my hair in the bath it never gets rinsed properly” issue too and at the moment my shower is broken so I’m stuck. My hair is also really damaged at the gets and i’ve lost a few inches in lenght :[ Sad times, good luck with saving your hair. It looks gorgeous at the moment x

  2. glad you are making progress. I find that blow drying my hair is a recipe for bad hair, even with heat defence gunk. If I ever stumble across a miracle cure I will let you know. If you hadn’t mentioned your hair being in a bad way before then I wouldn’t have guessed. It looks full of life to me x

  3. I think your hair is looking really good now, it looks really soft and shiny! I think with the greasy issue it might be because you wash it in the bath, I find that when I wash my hair in the bath it does get a bit greasy more quickly – I tend to use th shower for washing my hair, although I’ve not quite braved the cold wash yet! xo

  4. thanks! I think perhaps because I see it up close looking manky I think its more obvious! I dont often blow dry because its hassle, and my hair dryer is about 12 years old and really heavy!

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