In which I go to work



Dress H&M, Belt, absolutely no idea, I think either Miss Selfridge/Zara/Topshop, around 5 years ago!


I wore this to work, hence the slightly dull nature of the outfit… but I haven’t posted an outfit for a while. The dress does look okay without a belt, but I prefer it with, and I need something to clip my keys and walkie talkie onto at work.


This Hand of Hamsa necklace has replaced the silver sideways cross that I used to wear, it was a gift from my mum for Christmas (etsy I think) and has a tiny diamanté set into it) I love the length, as it’s so short that it doesn’t interfere with any other necklaces I wear. The hand is brushed silver, so isn’t too blingy!)

I might carry on talking pictures of work outfits, as at this time of the year when I tend to hibernate due to lack of funds/cold weather/ impending birthday doom I pretty much go to work then get into my PJs when I come in. However, I am off to Germany a week today, so expect pictures of me wearing a heat, scarf and mittens for a while. The German man says it’s going to snow!

I really need to to think about what to pack… My bestest bud is moving back to the UK when I fly home, she’s been au pairing there for almost a year, so I need a big suitcase to fling her stuff in, which limits what I can take (which is a good thing really!)

Hope your ‘Black Monday’ wasn’t too depressing!

14 thoughts on “In which I go to work

  1. That necklace is really nice! I like things that you don’t usually see! My parents are off to Germany too! My mum was banging on about snow boots aswell! Haha. Warm gloves, scarf & wolly socks! haha. Have a lovely time! x

  2. Ohh Ilove looking at etsy for unique items. My OH got me a ring made out of a vintage spoon stamped with “I love youthe way you are” How cute. I really like your dress the shape its lovely xX

  3. I love the h&m dress, I think that I have a similar one but in navy blue! Have a lovely time in Germany, which part are you going to? Is your best friend au pairing in Germany? 🙂 xo

  4. I’m off to Frankfurt for 4 days with Sam, then sending him home to spend 5 days with Emily yes, who is au pairing, but is moving back home with me when I fly back! I cant wait to have her back in England!
    Oh, and the dress is just so simple to wear! I love it.

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