In which I fly, kind of

At the beach
Last Sunday after a Birthday BBQ for my friend Elisa at her mums house, I took a stroll with Emily down to the beach where I used to spend a lot of time when I was younger, as I was back in my old stomping ground (ha! west sussex…) Whenever I spend time with Emily we tend to find something a little odd to do purely by accident. Last time it was climbing up the decorative bench in Littlehampton (ignoring the no climbing signs) and this time it was ‘exercising’ on the random exercise equipment that has sprung up alongside a housing development at the back of our old High School.
When we were at the beach we both took some shaky iphone vids, and lesson learnt, video in horizontal next time! Anyway, the video is short and sweet and just a memory of a lovely evening with someone who I can talk to about anything. You can view our ‘best friend tag’ video here, and us in Germany here.

                             IMG_3282         IMG_3289       IMG_3283

IMG_3293 IMG_3295 
The beach was so quiet, a complete contrast to what Brighton would have been like at the same time! AND there is even a bit of sand, with the worm casts dotted about!

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