In which I dress up for a NYE spent on the sofa

Dress: Topshop Shoes: Purple Suede snakeskin wedges,  Newlook
The dress clearly needs an iron, but a) I rarely iron, and b) it had been in my weekend bag and flung in the back of the car. If we were actually going OUT out I would’ve, I’m no skank!! It is a black fine net over a cream under lining, with an elasticated diagonal waist, that you cant really see here, as stuck a belt from a pair of H&M shorts with it. The shoes were a bargain £9 in the newlook sale, and the only pair of 4s left! (not available online anymore, I just checked!)
Makeup: minimal due to conjunctivitis Earrings & Red shamballa bracelet from Snapshop Style the bracelet is the sparkliest thing ever! so very pretty!
I spent New Years Eve with the beloved at his friends house in Norfolk (the people who’s wedding we went to in September) where we played a lot of articulate and had inordinate amounts of Chinese takeaway. I was miserable and moaning all night because my eye was playing up so much, I actually went and took all my makeup off at about half ten because I couldn’t stop rubbing my eyes!  You will be pleased to know that last Wednesday the pain got too much and I went to the eye hospitals A&E department to get the steroid drops that finally cured me! I had a ridiculously nasty bout of it in October ‘10 where my eye swelled up so much that I couldn’t see out of it, and being half blind in one eye (the none puffy one) this caused some problems!
Amusingly the drops are called ‘FML’ But I am glad I spent 2.5hrs in A&E waiting to have my eyes poked to get this stuff as no eye makeup was annoying me, as people at work kept going “Lauren you’re looking really tired, are you okay?” Although this is just because I normally wear a full face of makeup to work, outside work nobody went reeling away from me in the street, so almost 2 weeks without eyeliner and mascara has opened my eyes (haha, geddit?) to the fact that I look fine without it.
I am currently in the midst of planning my trip to Frankfurt for my birthday at the end of the month, and as soon as I get back its wedding planning time! We had our engagement shoot with Laura on Saturday just gone, which was awesome amounts of fun, and I will let you know when she puts the full post up… but here is her sneak peek post! I plan to write about my ideas and preparations for the wedding on here too, and this week just gone I asked my two bridesmaids if they are willing to be at my beck and call for the day! (they are. fools!)
Hope you all had a lovely weekend, what did you get up to? If you’ve been to Frankfurt please give some ideas of where to go/stay/do!

16 thoughts on “In which I dress up for a NYE spent on the sofa

  1. OHHHH ONE EYE BLIND, FML is actually saving your life! You looked very pretty on NYE and tinee tiny, im very sad I did not get to witness this prettiness in person.  I also would like to say a big priviledged appreciation for the honour of being your made of bride, I was rather suprised at the time and probably will cry at some point.  Especially if you go all Zilla on me ;-).  I am rather excited that the plans seem to be closer to haste, we must book in some gay girl time.  Maybe we can have a virtual bridesmaid-a-noon with Emily via Skpe?! Anyways, I am babbling away as if noone else can see this! PS LOVE the photos on the sneak. xxx

  2. I hate it when people comment that you look tired when you wear less makeup! So much for frickin’ natural fresh face! B******s lol!! SO excited to be a wedding voyeur and see all your planning! Loved the sneak peak at your engagement shoot too, such a nice idea! Glad the eye is better thanks to FML drops Hahah!! Brilliant! 

  3. had a look at your sneak peek pica t’other day and they are so beautiful, looking forward to seeing more! 

  4. I love that its called FML. just when you couldn’t feel any worse, your own medicine has to go and emphasise it for you. 
    awww poor baby! x

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