In which I explore Norfolk & take pictures



Dress: Newlook concession,Love. Boots: Newlook. Cardi(again): Peacocks


Nice big back garden, fiancés mums, itchy eyes, models own.

I would never normally buy a white dress, but I bought this back in the summer to wear to a friends 30th, and forgot about it, I especially like the little shoulder ties. It came with a fabric belt in the same material, but I wore the trusty primark horse belt. Are you sick of seeing this bloody cardigan yet?

I wore this for a trip to Holt, a lovely little village in north Norfolk. It has some lovely little independent shops, including a tiny little vintage shop with the steepest staircase ever! (the owner says she goes down on her bum) and an amazing ‘department’ store called Bakers & Larners, which reminded me somewhat of ‘Are you being served?’, it had a real 70’s vibe, but actually sold all sorts of things…




We didn’t think Sam would fit in the tiny car, then later on we saw it pootling past with 4 people in it!




Attempting to learn how to take good pictures with my ‘proper’ camera, at a little stream/mill place that I cant remember the name of…


Hemblington Church, which is a mile away from where Sam grew up, that we contemplated for a church wedding, but we’ve now decided to marry in Brighton.

I am feeling far more positive about planning the wedding, I have vowed not to turn into a Bridezilla, but he wants to wear a KILT, a kilt I ask you…. anyway. Sophie has given me a lovely wedding organiser, which I will begin to fill with amazing ideas, and obviously I’ve been looking at all the wedding blogs, but some people create such masterpieces that I get a bit overwhelmed and a bit disheartened… ce la vie! it will be blimming wonderful even if we don’t have a fairy tale grove in the woods covered in lights and a personalised jam jar for every guest!

I’ve been travelling a lot for work this week, so I am writing this on Tuesday night, but cant upload it because the wifi in the hotel is SO SLOW & I cant even read any blog posts properly because pictures are not loading! I’m not home till late Wednesday so will post it then!

What were the tables/decorations like at the last wedding you were at? What was the colour scheme?

17 thoughts on “In which I explore Norfolk & take pictures

  1. Beautiful pictures and you look fab. I used gold disposable cameras as part of my table decorations which was fab as we had loads of “candid” photos to pick from as well as the “official” ones from our photographer. I also had yellow and blue flowers, party poppers and lots of glittery confetti! Whatever you decide on will be wonderful I’m sure x

  2. I’m the same as you except reversed; I hardly venture down south and have never been to Norfolk – or Brighton! I would love to visit, I’m going to take time out to go this summer! I really like the photos you’ve taken here, I now prefer to use a proper camera (dslr?), not that i really know what I am doing – i literally just press random buttons until it’s the right setting! in re: fairy hobmother. It’s just someone from the marketing/seo team of a appliance company. They obviously want to optimise SEO and are asking people to link them in return for vouchers. It’s good as they have promised to offer one of my readers a voucher too! win/win! 🙂 xxxx

  3. love your dress, it’s lovely on you. Can you believe I’ve never been into Holt, even though I’ve been round it ever so often. 
    My wedding was pretty basic but full of joy. It doesn’t need to be ott to be the best day ever. My flowers were white, bright yellow and scarlet. Happy colours 🙂

  4. A kilt?? Noooooo! Hahaha! 

    I’d love to give you wedding advice, but me and my husband got married in the local registry office, just the two of us and 2 witnesses! I wore a simple red dress, a pair of pumps and held a bunch of hand picked flowers!
    I can understand how overwhelmed you must be with all of the amazing images online, just do it your way, however you plan your wedding day it will be perfect. 😀 xx

  5. Great isn’t it when you find something you have forgotten about. I love the boots, I really need something like them. Glad you feel happier about wedding planning, you should try and enjoy every moment of it. X

  6. Thats a Brill idea! I’m trying not to get too overwhelmed by it all! It will be fine i’m sure… I think most brides worry about all these tiny details, that the majority of guests dont even notice! 

  7. Yes come to Brighton, you’ll love it I promise! I like the sound of fiddling with the buttons till you get a good picture, best way to get to grips with it I guess! Glad you like my attempts! xx

  8. I did ask Sam if we could elope and do it all hush hush and then just have party later, but he wanted the whole shebang, and now I kind of like the idea of it too… Thanks for the advice, and yes. a kilt. A KILT!! :/

  9. I was so chuffed when I saw it hanging there! I’m going to try and set myself tasks in little chunks, and luckily lots of friends have offered to help with everything so hopefully I wont have a coronary over it all! 

  10. really cute cardigan!

    ps i’m hosting a giveaway at the moment if you fancy taking a look…

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