In which I drive a bus

 SDC12946 SDC12943 SDC12947
Dress: F21
It has really detailed pleating down the centre of the top part, which photographs terribly, but looks good so take my word for it!
These pictures don’t do the dress justice, and I forgot to bring a belt with me. I wore this to dinner with worky people the night before the conference. I packed in a hurry and then couldn’t stop off at home on the way because I had a minibus full of colleagues to ferry to Coventry.
OMG forgot to say, I drove an automatic for the first time, and a mini bus at that. It was like driving a bumper car, stop and go, that’s all! I like to use my gears the their full potential, and get to as fast as I can as quick as I can. Which reminds me, I really need to take some new passport pictures as my driving license photo-card thing actually ran out in March, which is a shitter as now my 28 year old self will be what I have to look at instead of my 17 year old self. But actually that won’t be an issue when I am in my forties and get to look at my younger self will it? Anyway, I dread having those things taken, especially now you cant smile! i’ll just wear a shit tonne of makeup and hope for the best! I need a new passport too as that runs out in June, MORE unnecessary expense!
For your lol’ing pleasure…don’t I look young! and the EYEBROWS! Why didn’t I listen to my mum when she told me not to over pluck them!!

9 thoughts on “In which I drive a bus

  1. Haha aww you look a wee bit like Michelle Tratchenberg in the passport one! I have to drive automatics all summer and because it’s a tiny little mountainous island they’re all big humungous 4x4s. I ‘m so tiny I look daft driving in them. Takes me ages to get used to it again every summer too – I keep putting my foot down for the clutch and whacking the door with my hand for the gears ( american cars so I’m on the opp side – even though it’s a british territory so we drive on the left still! Unpleasant experience!!) xxx

  2. drive a bus, you crazy thing! I got too faffed off with passport photos so I gave up. I’m good on driving licence now though.

  3. Love the dress. I’m going to be driving an automatic for the first time next year on holiday and your experience sounds just like I expect it to be. A bumper car, lol. 🙂 x

  4. I don’t know how to drive, so any car would be a start-stop case for me :p Your shoes look great, and you don’t look older than your young pictures!

  5. I’ve never driven an auto. Or a bus. Or a petrol car. Basically, so long as it’s diesel, manual, and little, I am the best driver evarrrr. Also, I still have pink hair in my driving licence photo, ha!

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