In which I feel blue…

… well, not entirely, but I am wearing blue, and feeling slightly glum that my holiday is almost over and I have to go back to work on Friday!
Coat: Mango, Dress: Asos, Shoes, Converse, Scarf, who knows?! (sorry!) Bag, Miss Selfridge
The coat was a gift from my friend Emily, but I think it is still in shops now, as it was blue I thought i’d go all out for my quick dash to the supermarket for pie/crumble ingredients. The dress is a couple of years old and indecently short. I have only worn it once without leggings/tights but had to put leggings on because we ended up playing that game where you have to bend backwards and walk under a pole… cannot think for the life of me what it is called? Anyway that was two years ago this summer coming… time flies, & I hoard clothes, clearly.
It has little puffy shoulders and detail on the back…
Anyway, I am well and truly back from my holiday in Germany, where I took a gazillion pictures and had immense amounts of fun, firstly with Sam and then with Emily… These two are in the VERY small group of people who I can spend endless amounts of fun with and not get bored/irritated/feel like I have to make conversation with. Sometimes a good friendship is marked by the the fact you are comfortable in silence with each other. We filmed the best friend youtube tag which was fun!
Anyway, I obviously have lots of Germany related posts coming your way, as well as a whole lot of ideas for posts that sprung into my miniscule mind when I was away! Thank god for the notes app on my phone. I have spent today in bed (apart from the trip to the shop!) or in the kitchen making food to eat in bed!
When I arrived home, Sam pounced on me at the train station to escort me home (our door is visible from the train station, so unnecessary but sweet) and he had cleaned our room, changed the bed, and best of all, hung up a load of new photo frames in our room for me to fill with pictures! Weirdly, I placed an ebay order when I was in Germany for one of those plastic hanging things that you put pictures in, as I wanted more pictures up! Obviously we have some kind of physic connection….
I had some birthday cards to open when I got home, including a really nice one from mothership, that she had hand made, so will take a picture of that for my next photo dump post! I also opened a gorgeous package from Sophie, which had the warmest scarf in ever, which got worn out to dinner last night (who wants to cook after flying?!) and someone from work text me a picture of a box at work for me, which I can only assume is from the other Sophie! (Who I am finally seeing on Sunday for breakfast and a day of weddingy fun!)
Now its February, I really need to find homes for my Christmas and Birthday presents, traditionally they all hang around in the front room for me to look at/stroke/ feel special, till now, then I put everything away… sad face indeed. Amongst the presents is this little lot…
I am looking forward to trying out the benefit Hervana powder, from Charlotte, and getting proper use out of these two bundles of loveliness from Sarah and Alexandra (go read all these lovelies blogs, btw!) These pics were taken before I went away, so all the edible stuff has been scoffed, and the bath bomb been dissolved, obviously!
In other news, I have decided to resurrect the ‘currently’ feature for each post, that I used to do in my very first posts, so i’ll whack that at the bottom of posts from now until I start to forget.
Currently feeling: Happy to be home, sad to be going back to work.
Currently Drinking: Rooibos & vanilla tea, from Germany.
Currently listening to: Naked and Famous. they remind me of Clinic, now I want to do a post on music…

8 thoughts on “In which I feel blue…

  1. Dawwwwh you look so “cute”, haha ull love being called that!!!But really!I also really love the change and wearing converse!Very excited bout seeing you Sunday!It’s lucky we’re notmeeting from work today as ive got to put my bike together!eugh! XXxx

  2. How cute is this dress? I love the cutout of the back.. although I’m disappointed you put some leggings on for this game 😉
    Sounds like you had fun in the land of germany.. looking forward to snaps! xx

  3. I love the outfit, especially the dress – it’s cute!

    Glad to hear you had a good time in Germany too 🙂 xx

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