In which I love & loathe January & a week in pictures

[edit – Saturday 13.00. I will be quiet on the blogging front for a few days, I heard today that a close friend committed suicide yesterday in a very public way. It was not expected and nobody had any inkling that he had depressive thoughts, let alone the feelings that he was obviously struggling with, and some friends are not aware but as it is all over national press it is a horrible way to know, I am thankful I knew before. So please bare with me, i’ll be back as soon as I feel like writing again]


My Birthday // Exploring Germany // eating cake // double decker trains // getting ridiculously drunk on apfelwein and cocktails and doing something naughty (not THAT kinda of naughty…) on a bridge // marvelling at German architecture // viewing the city from the top of a skyscraper // having a civilised cocktail, this time from a very posh hotel bar on the 22nd floor looking over Frankfurt at night // free tram travel in Frankfurt (accidentally on purpose) // knowing more German than I thought I did // getting birthday presents a week after my birthday // locking a ‘love padlock’ to the bridge and flinging the key into the river! //  that Emily knew how to say “excuse me my baby has pooped in the swimming pool” in flawless German, her year of Au pairing wasn’t for nothing!


being another year older // German pillows (flat as pancakes) // long boring train journeys // toilets on aeroplanes // being outside in cold weather // having ear ache // screaming babies at dinner time // a baby pooping in a swimming pool // the bone chilling German cold (way colder than here I swear!) // missing 2 trains in a row!) // having to go back to work after 2 weeks off // having to decide which pictures to put in my new frames // that I still haven’t quite made it to the gym this year // how your bum hurts after a bike ride when you’ve not ridden in ages

Previous love/loath posts here: November // October (No idea what happened to December…)

Frankfurt from a sky scraper
Tea selection // Cake/choccy selection
medical museum // things in the town of Worms…
German transport // wood!
What I wore // Mozart chocolate
German fortune cookie // stained glass
What I wore, again (to a German Club)
Travelling with Emily
A (mulled) drink back in Brighton at The Hope.

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  1. HAHAHA Emily’s year was worthwhile!!! IS that padlock thing a tradition at that particular bridge? Or just a general tradition? I love it! Might do it in Brugges just for fun! Germany is DEF harsher weather wise than here. When we went to Berlin it was RIDICULOUS!!! I had two pairs of tights and two pairs of socks on and I still couldnt feel my feet in the snow! YEt in UK there was no snow! xxxx

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