In which I look at old cars (OOTD)

Beachootd                          SDC10377
So on Sunday I went for a stroll with the boy. There was a vintage/classic car thing happening along the seafront, where people had driven their amazing old cars from London to Brighton (well, the ones that made it that far!) and we felt like having a look! We went for a roast at a lovely pub in  afterwards, and also strolled along the seafront to Hove, where I managed to get a fairly good picture of the sun coming through some clouds. I wore the dress I got for a bargainous £15 from Oasis a few weeks back.

Dress: Oasis
Boots: New Look (last year)detail3
Bag: TKMaxx
Cardigan: Primark, but with new buttons
Snood: Primark

detail2Much as I love Primarni, I always change the buttons and things when I can, as a) their buttons are cheap and b) I prefer to add my own personalisation, and when something is as cheap as primark, you cant really go wrong! This winey colour is my favourite at the moment! I have some ballet flats and a maxi skirt in same colour (but obviously don’t wear them all at once, or I’d look like a large burgundy thing, what’s large and burgundy?)  
  I didn’t realise till I was editing the photos that the tassels on the bag and the boots match! Yay me for accidental matchy matching. The dress has lovely floaty sleeves, good for covering upper arms, and ties at the back.


Almost fell over in the last one. tit. Below is the sun/clouds picture for your viewing pleasure, and some old cars, the middle one is steam powered!


By the time we got home I was feeling like warmed up death. Now 2 days later the cold is full blown, and the voice is going. I sent myself home from work 2 hours early and am typing this in bed!
Hope nobody else is ill, if you are I wish you a speedy recovery!
What did you all do at the weekend?

6 thoughts on “In which I look at old cars (OOTD)

  1. Yay for outfit posts 🙂
    This dress is a cute one, and your post is very detailed. I like your boots too!
    looks like you had a lovely time, and the photo you mentioned is pretty awesomeee! x

  2. you look lovely in your bargain dress and the cardi is great.
    Those are proper old cars!
    Hope you’re getting better now

  3. Love your outfit – that dress is a steal! Loved seeing the pics of the old cars. When I was a kid growing up in London my Dad used to take me to see them off. I then lived in Brighton when I was a student and used to see them arrive! Your blog is making me a bit homesick for Brighton! x

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