In which I get foody #3


Pie & curly fries! // fajitas // curry // gross concoction of two jacket pots 2 chicken breasts and mayo (sams not mine)


sausage and chips // CHICKEN ROAST // Roast goodness!


Chicken Pakora // Pie in a giant yorkie // camembert breaded and not! // poached eggs on beans on toast


apple flavoured chinese something or other //  soybean tea // german ricola (any idea of the flavour? I reckon elderflower)


Bacon brie and cranberry bagel // chocolate thingy // chocoloate readybrek with choccie philly // giant cookies at the chocolate market


Old school donut van // Japanese @ pompoko // chocolates // mothers day meal



Sorry for this rather boring post. But I’ve not cooked anything from scratch or done any baking recently!

I do have something foody coming up but cannot share til after someone’s birthday! So I will leave you with this amazing cupcake that my lovely flatmate baked… lemon meringue… scrummy!


7 thoughts on “In which I get foody #3

  1. Will you take personal chef bookings? :p I’m slowly getting into more cooking and baking, and stealing my housemate’s recipe books! x

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