In which I get on with it

For some reason I stopped titling all my posts with ‘in which I…’ so I am going to attempt to start that again. I also managed to drop all my ‘regular’ posts;

Linkography: a few random photos from the past week or two and my favourite finds online (be they pictures, videos, blog posts or other!)

Outfit posts: does what it says on the tin but the last one was in September!

Liking/loathing:  monthly round up of what I loved and loathed during the month (the last one was February! oops!)

Foody posts: be they reviews of restaurants or recipes of my own, I miss it and will endeavour to get cooking again!

So as of NOW I am vowing to get back into a regular blogging routine. I think that my lack of blogging is understandable somewhat, I planned a DIY wedding in 7 months and got pregnant half way through, on top of managing a large hotel as my day job! HOWEVER, I fear that once this sprog arrives early next June keeping any semblance of a routine will be difficult so the earlier I start the easier it might be. I also am not going to put any pressure on myself if I let the routine slip.

I’ve already started writing up posts about my wedding, and will start publishing them soon when I have the official pictures to add to them. I’ve already posted about the week before here. I’m also going to write a post about the first three months of being pregnant (although its almost 4 months now!) for anyone interested. I’ve got a recipe coming soon too (a really simple one!) and will attempt to get new husband to film the ‘boyfriend tag’ with me for shits and giggles. The one thing I can’t promise there will be lots of are travel and outfit posts, new clothes and travelling cost money and we are now on a spending lock down once more (As if saving for the wedding for a year and a half wasn’t enough!) because I fear this baby will cost us an arm and a leg, BUT the good thing is, is that I can attempt to blog about being a money-savvy mummy to be!

I’m also going to do a round up of my year sort of post, because it’s been a pretty good one all in all!

So i’ll leave it there and get on with writing about my wedding (which already seems so long ago, but it was actually the 17th Nov, so a month ago today!) and ask you all…

How to do you keep on top of any self imposed blogging schedules, and what are your favourite types of posts to read?

4 thoughts on “In which I get on with it

  1. I’ve been terrible with keeping to any sort of blogging schedule lately, new year new start for definite! I like reading lifestyle posts.. probably because I’m nosey!

  2. I too am terrible at my blogging schedule. I try not to impose too much of a structure on myself as I hate forcing posts, so I try to go with what I am feeling/when inspiration strikes. Sometimes this works and sometimes it means I post rambling crap or not at all! Hope you keep inspired and get back in your groove 🙂

  3. I just blog when i have some spare time, its a hobby, so for some they like to chill by watching tv or going for a walk but i sit and blog 🙂 favourite type of posts have to consist of good photography to catch my eye in the first place! usually outfit posts 🙂

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