Late Friday letters


2 days late in fact. Whoops. In my defence I have literally just finished work (half 11 pm) and was up and out by 10am this morning, so its actually a surprise I am awake enough to write anything.

Dear me: stop worrying, somehow it will work out.

Dear lotto: If I start playing you will I win something?

Dear Sam: I wish I got to spend more quality time with you, I am tired and so are you, and I am also more emotional than normal so when I snap I dont really mean it. PLEASE lets go to edinburgh for a few days in february for a break?

Dear Christmas: can we put you off for a week? i’m not quite ready yet!

Dear Work: you can go and DO ONE.

Dear Landlord: Please don’t put the rent up.

Dear housework: I wish you magically did yourself.

2 thoughts on “Late Friday letters

  1. Sending you lots of love and hugs. I know how horrible it is not getting to spend time with your husband, Edinburgh sounds like a good idea though 🙂

    If you find a way of getting the housework to do itself PLEASE let me know!!! xx

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