In which I go to Brick Lane

After the excitement of Saturdays blogger meet up, you’d think I’d do my normal Sunday routine, which consists of tea, the sofa and the boy if we’re both off work together. I sometimes stretch to a stroll or lunch out, but recently its been so cold that I’m hibernating.  Sunday just gone I met the beautiful Ayden, and her friend Katrina, who were down from Scotland for a little getaway. We had literally 45 minutes for a quick pot of tea before I power walked to the train station to catch a train to London, with my (also Scottish!) friend Yasmin.  

I took them to the lovely little cafe called Inspiration in Gardner street,in the  North Laine area. They had been out on the town the night before, and looked WAY better than I ever do after a night out! I felt really bad that I couldn’t show them more of Brighton, but half the fun is exploring and finding new places, which they clearly did!

IMG_1577IMG_0989(photo from Ayden as I didn’t take one!)

Once I arrived in London we made our way on the tube to Brick Lane, for an event hosted by the 17 Cosmetics event that I won tickets to on facebook. It was at the All star Lanes bowling alley on Brick Lane, which was an amazing venue! We were in a room upstairs with a private bar, lounge and three bowling alleys! The food was scrummy & there were girls doing manicures with the magnetic nail varnish, as well as much bowling as you fancied. There was also a small performance by the duo Summer Camp, who played a short but lovely acoustic set. I had my nails magnetised, but over the top of what I had on, as taking sparkly nail varnish off takes forever and & thought it would be a bit mean to do that to the poor girl doing the manicures! I had the silver colour, and Yasmin had the green. She spent the rest of the day exclaiming ‘look at my nails! so amazing!’ at various intervals, so that’s her Christmas present sorted then! It really is pretty mesmerising, especially on long nails like mine…

Bowling// Summer Camp
Brick Lane Grafitti // Truman Brewery
When we left we strolled back up Brick Lane, via the Brick Lane markets, where there were so many weird and wonderful things to purchase, though I managed to restrain myself! Who doesn’t need a turquoise jumper with purple leaves?

Then off we went to China Town for dinner, via Selfridges (we played the ‘i’ve got £12k to spend, what shall I buy?’ game in the Wonder Room, where I fell in love with Dodo Jewellery, and almost got my credit card out.
Oxford street lights
Selfridges bird displays
So all in all a wonderful weekend, met so many new people, and am feeling so much more christmassy than I normally do! I started making my cards on last week, whilst listening to the Virgin on demand music playlist (skipped Justin Bieber, and no fairytale of new york!)

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  1. This looks like a lovely time it really does! I love Brick Lane SO much! I want to buy everything ALL the time! 🙂
    And don’t worry lady.. I bet you looked gorgeous (you look it in the pictorrr!)

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