In which I go shopping & snooping (Outfit)

Snakeskin print skirt – Primarni
Boots – George @ asda (detail in this post)
Black long sleeve layered top – Topshop (last year)
Scarf – Brightons North Laine sunday market
Warning, if you buy this skirt check the elastic in the waist band out! Mine was obviously dodgily stitched and came apart after the first wear, I was going to take it back and exchange it but for £4 I’ll probably just buy a new one (queuing to return things in my primark takes ALL DAY!) but when I looked yesterday there were none in a 10. arse.
The top has this sort of ripped effect layer over the top, probably a but dull being black on black, but I do not have an abundance of long sleeved tops and I needed one because it was bloody freezing! I went marching round Brighton with the mothership in tow, or rather, she literally does speed march round town for no apparent reason, so I was very much in tow & with aching feet.
I didn’t buy anything other than a pair of suede-esque leggings (another pair! this time in grey, not black) but below are some pictures of various things I thought snap-worthy
The blonde bits in my hair look a bit pink, I only realised on Saturday, after I had a reeaaaallly long bath (2.5hrs, I wasn’t just lying there, I read a whole book) but I had put a lush bath bomb (pheonix rising I think…?) in the bath, and the colour has obviously dyed my hair! Admittedly I was in there for a while, but I only put half of the bomb in there, so very glad I don’t pinker hair! Either way I am not impressed with it! I can cope with the sales assistants being super chirpy, but colouring my hair pink is definitely a GRRR from me!
urgh a babies face on a ring… but the hanging rabbits and skulls with antlers are definite like!
Gas mask anyone?
more vain mirror shots… creepy mask
I want a glass head
[snoopers paradise // random jewellery shops // North Laine flea market]

Its my work Christmas party tomorrow, so I spent Saturday baking cookies & brownies, and later today we’re having people over for mulled cider & Eggnog! I’ll put up a detailed post on these during the week, mulled cider is a favourite ever drink of mine, but eggnog I have never tried, but I have some brandy waiting to be used so we’ll see how it goes!
Luckily I managed to find my Christmas party dress in the summer (organised much?) so there is no last minute rush to find something, although I’m yet to decide which tights to wear! The dress is spotty, but not big spots, so can I get away with spotty tights? maybe bows… maybe fishnets? perhaps just plain old black! I might wear the most hideous pair of shoes I own, which are lovely in their own spectacularly tacky way… If I do (and if I don’t!) I’ll post a picture of them soon…

What kind of event is your work Christmas party? Got your outfit sorted yet?! & what do you wear on Christmas day? Do you dress up, or stay slobby?

6 thoughts on “In which I go shopping & snooping (Outfit)

  1. with my mum it goes like this: I pick something up, she tells me why she doesnt like it, literally, everything has got SOMETHING wrong with it! but I only see her every few months so I shouldnt complain really, and she bought me a really nice bracelet

  2. I took the faulty one back today and swapped it for one with the elastic still in it properly, was glad they still had them! I like it because its not too in your face, as most animal print can be!

  3. someone was haveing lots of fun in the lanes 🙂 the rabbits are from the shop jewellry thief are they ? i brought some lovely silver button earing from there a few years ago love that shop , lovely post and blog 🙂 x

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