In which I go to Heidelberg



Heidelberg is possibly the prettiest city there ever was! It has a castle, a river (Neckar) with arched bridges, lots of church spires and is nestled in a wooded valley. The epitome of picturesque. When I was there it was a very cold and foggy day, so hopefully one day I will visit in the summer and see it drenched in glorious sunshine! Just over a week after we left, the river froze over!


The view towards the city from the Castle. (I didnt mean for this to be almost panoramic, shame it doesn’t match tho!)


Details & mist


Remains, and some random americans being daft!


The apotheke (chemist) museum in the castle. How much do you want a chest of drawers like that!?


This is a GIANT beer barrel. yes that is people stood on top of it.


The view of the castle walls from the winding walk back to the city



On the Bridge. I want a house with a turret.



A monkey on the bridge, you can stick you head inside his, like a mask…


silly emily and a crooked tree.


random vehicle of some sort, and a stylish cheetah! This was in a little cobbled street not unlike one of Brighton’s lanes!

The night before I look all these pictures Emily and I headed out for a night on the town with Helen, who is a local and luckily knows where to go! The first bar was definitely like a Brighton pub, loud music, lots of tattooed people and LOTs of tequila! Oh, and a lot of cigarette smoke too. Not entirely sure on the laws over there, but most places allowed smoking inside as long as food wasn’t being served… needless to say I had that unpleasant pre 2006 night-in-a club stale smoke smell the next morning! eeesh. I was literally SO HAPPY when we got the smoking ban over here, I was managing a pub at the time and it meant I could wear things more than once as I wasn’t constantly washing my hair and clothes to get rid of the stench!

Going slightly off topic there, but a night out auf deutsch was an experience! generally people were very friendly (too friendly in some cases, but there is a US army barracks close by!) and the tram trip home at 4am in the freezing cold was fun! lots of vodka fuelled medical students being raucous on the tram, and 5 minutes after we got back to Helens, her drunken house mate arrived home minus is leather jacket, his jumper, his wallet and with a bleeding hand! (it was –3 at this point and we was practically blue with cold!) German medical students know how to party (!!!!)Michael Fassbender was born in Heidelberg too, there’s a fun snippet for you!

I have a couple more Germany posts… one about the zoo, one about padlocks (haha I know it sounds crazy) and one about Worms (the place not the soil dwellers!) along with a video  of Emily and I being daft, if I can work out how to edit it together so it makes vague sense!! We rode dragons, so that is definitely something to look forward to! Feels like an age since I came back to England, fully up to my ears with work stresses and then adding the wedding planning to that makes me all work and no play at the moment! not doing anything but work so no outfits in the pipeline either! I will cobble something together soon, promise!

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