In which I wear a playsuit

Playsuit: Peacocks, £10 in the sale, was £35. Black body to preserve modesty: H&M
no shoes because I wore this on Sams birthday when we had an open house type of thing.
The sleeves are gathered at the hem, and have frills sewn in at the shoulders for extra ‘pouffe’ which hasn’t photographed too well!
I didn’t really pay too much attention to the makeup I was putting on because I was baking at the same time, so applying between batches of brownies and cookies, so I shall say this: there is a lot of grey and silver eyeshadow and blusher is hervana and bourjois bronzer to contour.
Hair curled with straighteners.

So back to my normal titles… its still a strain!! I am up stupidly early for a Saturday, but I want to pop into town and find a beige/cream jumper from somewhere, as I don’t own one. silly billy. I know I am on a self imposed spending ban till April but I have £30 of love to shop vouchers burning a hole in my purse!  Was going to pop into peacocks for a cheapy bargain BUT IT IS CLOSED!!! where am I going to get ridiculously cheap shoes/bags/tights etc now?! Glad I got this playsuit when I did!
Tonight I have a crafty evening planned with my friend Yasmin, along with many cups of tea and probably a fair few biscuits. Tomorrow I am off to FINALLY see the bouncing bundle of Joy that is Niall, my friends month old baby! Huzzah! Work has been a bit stressful this week so hopefully next week will be better, although there is a meeting and a ‘visit from above’ that will mean that Monday and Tuesday are going to be a bit ‘meh’ (for want of a better word!)
Hoping you all have a lovely weekend, let me know your plans!

26 thoughts on “In which I wear a playsuit

  1. Playsuits are amazing, all the girliness of a dress without danger of gust of wind induced accidental flashing! And that one’s lovely too. I like your tattoo as well! 🙂 This weekend’s a lazy one for me, meeting up with a friend at lunchtime and then probably heading over to the boy’s for a lazy evening. Have fun with your crafty evening! x

  2. I BOUGHT THIS EXACT PLAYSUIT THE OTHER WEEK, but I have yet to wear it. I took about 20 minutes trying to decide weather I needed an 8 or a 10. The 8 fitted around the top but gave me a slight pot belly and the 10 was dead loose at the top and fitted perfectly around my Beyoncé! I went for the 8 though and starting to regret it haha. I never even thought to put a vest top underneath which is actually a dead obvious move! Thanks for this post! haha. x

  3. Haha, that’s okay! I sometimes take a while catching up with comments too. And yep, I’m Norfolk born and bred. It’s a really pretty place, although I’m very much a city girl! Living by the sea is really nice though 🙂 x

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