In which I go to White Night (OOTD)


  Skirt: Zara (2 years ago, with haunted houses, cats and bats printed on it!)
Jacket: Internacionale
Shoes: store21 (they have cats on them!)
Rose and scull scarf: Camden somewhere     
On Saturday night it was White Night in Brighton… which is a free festival of events happening all over the city. Above is what I wore to have a trek around town… I was feeling ever so slightly really hung-over from a daft hour and a half of post work drinks on Friday and then it started to rain, so we didn’t spend any more than a couple of hours out. Brighton was full of Zombies and ghosts and various other costumes, the best being someone who had a full shower curtain hanging from a frame above his head and a scream mask! So I actually looked pretty normal for Brighton, even in fishnets!
Below are some snaps of the various random things that went on…

Please let me know if you like the presentation of the outfit…?I’ve got photo shop working on my laptop now, so editing pics is much easier! I’m not going to be doing OOTDs more than once a week in all honesty, as I wear smart clothes to work, then get into PJs as soon as I get in from work if I have no plans to go out… I love my sofa!
watching: misfits on catch up
eating: tea and biscuits – a health lunch!
doing: going to primarni to take back a skirt before work at three

6 thoughts on “In which I go to White Night (OOTD)

  1. Cute outfit, I love the skirt (perfect for Halloween) my friend was in Brighton on Saturday and he had a great time xx

  2. Sounds like an awesome evening! Your outfit is cute, and I think your presentation of the blog is lovely toooooo 🙂 x

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