In which I meet people at TOWIB

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I ALWAYS forget to put shoes on. If I could get away with being a bare footed hippy at all times then I definitely would. Hate wearing shoes
Dress: H&M (it has pockets!!!) Cardi: Primark (diy’d buttons) Shoes: Peacocks, Belt: New look
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These bloody shoes are so uncomfortable but I have had them for over 3 years and am determined to make them wearable. I bought some of the sticky backed soft stuff from superdrug and carefully cut sections to place on all the rubby bits! so far so good, but I missed a little bit and got a blister. darn it! Also I wore this ages ago when I went to the Foodie Festival, not at TOWIB…
I had a bloody lovely time on Saturday, meeting some awesome pretties that I had met before: Leanne, Katy, Eloise, Aisling, Sian & Annabel and a few new ones too;  Beckie, Steph, Chelsea & Stacie.  Oh, and the awesome Stu, who says what he thinks, and kudos to him for that! (go check out his ‘how to post like a fashion blogger posts) There were a couple of people that I smiled at across the room who I wanted to say hi to but alas, Eloise and I buggered off for a potter on oxford street after the panel, and nothing was really relevant to me from then on…
I’m not dissing TOWIB (there was too much drama after the last one!) and I didn’t go for the content, I went to meet people, the ticket was only £5 so nothing lost there… I have no desire to make money from my blog or to do it for a living, I am fairly (extremely!) busy running a hotel and don’t have the time and effort to put into it, and if I worked from home all I would do is sit on my bum eating angel delight getting nothing done. And I do not have the glorious possibility of moving back in with a parent either like a couple of girls on the panel did, having left home in my teens I would never go back! Doubt my lovely mothership would want me home cramping her style and calling her sofa my bed either! I think it is very admirable to make a living blogging, but for me it is a hobby and there it shall stay.
So, I am off to Bath and Bristol for a few days, thanks for the recs of things to do. Please go check out the ladies (And Stu) linked above because they are all wonderful, and especially Steph who is so down to earth and funny it is untrue.

6 thoughts on “In which I meet people at TOWIB

  1. Oh how great to meet up with so many fab people! I have no desire to make money from my blog, it’s just a hobby and that’s the way I like it. Have a good time away x

  2. Oh you looked just lovely lady 🙂
    So fabulous to meet you, was a real pleasure. I adore meeting new bloggers- so nice isn’t it. Thank you for the mention too (I’m glad you linked everyone, I’ve been feeling a little lazy, so will do that soon now)
    Have an amazing time in Bath & Bristol (fairly close to me!)
    lots of love xx

  3. Love your dress! Bare feet is way more comfy. My dad calls me a peasant for wandering around the house slipperless, ha ha. 🙂 x

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