In which I paint my nails #6

Apologies for just posting pictures of nails and not actually identifying what they are, if you are desperate to know what a specific colour is do please bung it in a comment and I will enlighten you, WHEN I GET BACK FROM MY MINI HOLIDAY!!! YAY!!! much needed, and I am hastily bunging this post together (and scheduling it) so that I don’t leave my blog bare whilst I am away… (good excuse for being lazy right?) Although I did carefully sort all my polishes into colour groups and photograph them a few weeks ago, so when I get back I will work on getting that post up and sorted. Actually rather embarrassed by how many I have.
IMG_5622 IMG_5623 IMG_5631
IMG_0094 IMG_0099
IMG_0182 IMG_0262
IMG_0635 IMG_0800
IMG_0880 IMG_0885

3 thoughts on “In which I paint my nails #6

  1. Wish I had the enthusiasm to do my nails like yours! I would love to see mine looking so fab. Maybe one day…

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