In which I share my NY resolutions & recap 2011 in photos

[Warning, this post has mahooosive amounts of pictures in it, you might want to let it load for a while…]
My resolutions for 2012
  1. Read War&Peace (and read more in general)
  2. Learn to use my ‘proper’ camera (this has been a resolution for 2 years already… lets see how I do)
  3. Comment more on other peoples blogs
  4. Go to the gym twice a week or more
  5. Plan my Wedding in its entirety
Because I love reading everyone else’s posts like this, below is a month by month rundown on my 2011… enjoy!
My NYE was spent home alone, which is how I spent the last one too, but this is fine with me. I abhor going out on NYE as everywhere is busy and expensive (and I am an old lady) and spent most of the month working, until My Birthday, when the boy took me to Centre Parcs (I was sceptical) for a relaxing weekend, and I enjoyed it! (more specifically the water park and the flumes… such a child)
The Boys birthday! & a trip to Amsterdam with Sophie and her Beau. Our hotel had spikey walls, so we stuck out clothes to the walls. such fun.
Not entirely sure what happened in March (apart from Sophies Birthday, a trip to the Theatre in London to see Red Shoes) however even a quick browse through my facebook for march dates gives this status as a highlight: “pancakes make an amazing noise when squished with a spatula in the pan. this has brightened up what would have been a considerably crap day.” and this video of a hedgehog in the bath amused me, but not as  much as these ducks getting blown over and I went to see Lenny Henry do stand up. Don’t bother….
My amazing friend Lauras hen do! I was her ‘best woman’ but her wedding isn’t till June… And some horrible protests in Brighton, were the idiots were being ‘kettled’ outside my house. Pictures above are taken from the comfort of my sofa. We had some gloriously sunny days, so a trip to the beach was in order, and my friend Emily moved to Germany to AuPair, and had a leaving party…
Another quiet month… we went out for Sophie’s boys Birthday, where the best photo faces ever occurred! and I took a picture of someone’s kid with a tail. That’s pretty wrong, right? (the photo taking, I mean). I also went to the Gym lots and lost a stone.
Laura’s Wedding, which was a glorious and amazing day. I did my reading naked… (I didn’t but it looks like I did)
Spent some time in our favourite Graveyard (sounds morbid, isn’t) & got freckles. Also went on a river cruise along the Thames
My friend Nick moved to Australia, so we had a party to send him off…
We got engaged and went on a road trip to the Lake district (where my dad lives) and Norfolk (where his dad lives) via Manchester, Derby & Alton Towers.
We also went out for a friends 30th… green hair suits me right?
Gay Pride Weekend, a messy messy weekend for all involved (mainly the boy who had passed out by 8pm)
We also went Camping in the New Forest with some of my School friends, made an amazing curry from scratch on a wood fire.
We had an engagement party… I gave myself RSI in my mixing arm from all the baking I did for it.
I also started this blog, and we went to a wedding up in Norfolk!
Halloween, my first trip on the Brighton Wheel, took an awesome picture of a seagull and was attacked by Zombies.
Another quiet month, Breakfast & shopping with Sophie, playing around with sparklers and a long exposure, and mega amounts of Jaffa cakes. November was a fairly stressed month at work too…
Christmas! So lots of food and 12 days off work! We spent Christmas in Brighton (boy was working) and then drove to Norfolk for New Year, with a stop in Cambridge on the way…
Best thing: Getting Engaged
Worst thing: Having an awful immune system and being ill somehow at most parts of the year (and getting diagnosed with PCOS, having conjunctivitis three times and constant sniffles, sucks to be me)
It was amazing all the things I had forgotten I did when I put this post together! Anyone else done a post like this? Please leave the links below, and let me know what you thought of my 2011…

19 thoughts on “In which I share my NY resolutions & recap 2011 in photos

  1. Ohhh a lovely post!  I take photos for my blog but very rarely when I’m out and about, so this year I’m doing Project 365 in the hope that I’ll have lots of lovely photos to look back on like this!


  2. I love reading these recap posts. You did so much (and came to Norfolk a lot, how was it this time? Not too rainy after all I hope). Green hair looks nice for a night but maybe not as a permanent look?! 😉

  3. I loved reading this and looking at the photos!! Our highlights and lowlights have been pretty similar – highlight for me was getting engaged, lowlight was being diagnosed with PCOS too! Hope the wedding planning goes well 🙂 xxx

  4. Nice post, I love seeing what people have done over the year 🙂

    Happy New Year – hope 2012 is good to you 🙂

  5. looks like a very busy year! I love posts like this and hopefully your 2012 is just as exciting and fun filled. 

  6. July is definitely the best month. YOU GOT ENGAGED maaaan! Immense. Also, you look gorgeous in the September wedding posts. YUMMY.x

  7. Sounds like you had a pretty fabulous year! I always think you never realise just how much you’ve done until you really sit and write down everything 🙂 Hope you’re immune system gets a better for all that wedding planning and Happy New Year! xoxo

  8. This time was nice, we got to go right up the north norfolk coast, which I hadn’t been to much! We’ll eventually move up your way when the time comes for kids and grown up stuff! it didnt rain too much this time, perhaps my curse has worn off! xx

  9. Oh no, poor you! its a bummer isnt it, getting used to it a little more now though! Getting engaged was great though! (ha, and still is, I should say!) If you ever need to chat about the PCOS feel free to email/tweet! x

  10. It sounds like you had a fab time, sorry to hear you got ill  but at least you have lots of happy memories to out do it ! I like all the selection of photos, it really shows how much fun you had !

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