In which I paint my nails #7

Another round up of recent nails, well, colours of!

IMG_3033 IMG_3232

OPI – Catherine the grape, and left with rainbow connection over the top


17 red

IMG_3616 IMG_3617

2 tone blue and a random grey stripe

IMG_3710  IMG_3717 IMG_3939

poundland bargains! with a holo glitter (essence) over the top


Emily does olympic nails!


Lincoln park after dark, matte formula, and unusually stumpy nails. I think something got lost in translation at the nail salon!


another poundland bargain ‘chit chat’ brand bluey/purple sparkles (a bitch to get off!)

IMG_4367 IMG_4375

Asda lavender with rainbow connection gradient from the top, with matte top coat. picture does no justice!

what’s on your nails? and gimme some ideas for wedding nails! (not a french manicure!!)

3 thoughts on “In which I paint my nails #7

  1. Lincoln park after dark is one of my favourite shades ever! For your wedding nails you could try pale blue! So it can be your something blue, and it’d look sooo cute! And you can try adding some lace like details on them (like Konad-ing them or something).
    I currently have a rainbow connection dupe as a full mani. And it makes me happy just by looking at it! 😀

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