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Accidently found ourselves at the foot of hardknott pass, a notorious road over the top of a couple of mountains… “Oh, I think we should turn back, this looks tricky” I said, “Nahhh, it cant be that bad!” said Sam. Alright for him, the non driver comfortably in the passenger seat!
half way up, looking back where we had driven from, and looking forward towards the summit!
_8097568 _8097571
But we reached it! We climbed that lumpy rock, and this is the view! (1,289 ft)
Here’s a very wobbly iphone video of the summit!

I love the Lake District, and am so happy that my dad lives there and I can use his as a base to explore when we can get time! However I think we’ve just about managed to visit all the lakes now! We also visited a castle, so i’ll post about that soon (and the owls and eagles that were there too!)
Did you manage to get away this summer?! I would normally have had an ‘abroad’ holiday, but with a wedding to save for in less than three months we’re on spending lock down! I did go to Germany this year, and had a holiday on the Norfolk Broads too!  Oh, and a little trip to Bath & Bristol. Don’t know what I am complaining about really, I love spending time exploring new places in this country, and tomorrow night I am meeting up with a group of friends to discuss a group holiday next year!!  [all the links link to my posts on the places… obviously!]

3 thoughts on “Lakes & Mountains

  1. I love the Lakes! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos, I feel like I’ve taken a mini trip back there myself.
    You’ve been away loads this year, lucky you x

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit the Lake District! I think it’s cool that your dad lives there. I want to explore England so badly, I have a strong pull to live and settle down there (if I could get my husband on board, that would be fabulous!)

    That view is stunning 🙂 Must have a looksie at your other posts you linked! xx

  3. hey!!

    that’s so cool.
    It’s my dream to visit the lakes and i am heading there in two weeks
    can you recommend any great places to eat, simple bakeries, pubs and just british classics!
    THANKS heaps!
    Michelle xx

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