In which I recap the week in pictures 2, and a ramble

My week so far has been a good one, two cinema trips (and another later, mini reviews coming soon) a couple of days off in the week & some good food and shopping!
Quite excitingly I ordered half the books on my Goodreads to-read list (please add me if you have Goodreads, and if you don’t have it, get it!) to tide me through Christmas and lots of long hot baths…
I managed at last half of my Christmas shopping (and some bits for me!) Sophie and I went into Lush, and is it me or are the sales assistants like people who have been fed speed with their morning coffee? So OTT and uber enthusiastic. It puts me off a little bit. Even the guy on the till, “oooooh what’ve you got there gorgeous?”. TOO MUCH LUSH makes me feel uncomfortable and less likely to want to purchase something!
Anyway, I also got a whole load of crafty bits in the last week to make my own Christmas cards and some decorations… I’ll put a post up this week asking if anyone wants one, along with a how-to for salt-dough Christmas decorations (and maybe I’ll send some out with my cards!)
In the meantime, here’s my week in random snaps

Ferret at a friends house // trying on the Viv Westwood x Melissa shoes (my chosen wedding shoes!) but these are too big…
I love Stags! graffiti on one of those metal boxes in the street, & in Paperchase window
Choccywoccydooda’s version of a wedding cake // A huge (moving) turkey in the South Lanes // free cocktails at Pitcher & Piano (thanks
Bowling // frozen sparkling rose. oops.
Falafel (homemade) but eaten at work // HUGE ben&jerrys core sundae at the cinema (SO EXPENSIVE) // Pancakes with syrup & Bacon
IMG_1435   IMG_1411
Sophie, living up to her blog name (Cider with Sophie) overwhelmed by the sheer amount of cider choice in Waitrose! // My iPhone background. I adore polar bears and penguins and this is just amazing. I made it on the Topping Pro app… which was free when I got it but isn’t now… If you want me to make you a festive background let me know and I can text or send you the picture…
I hope everyone had a lovely week and is halfway through a cosy weekend…

Add me on Goodreads, and let me know if you want an wintery iPhone background too, happy to make and send!

6 thoughts on “In which I recap the week in pictures 2, and a ramble

  1. The people at Lush are insane!!! I love their products, but I hate going there. I always know exactly what I want and getting to it without avoiding sales associates is impossible.

    Mabel Time

  2. What a great week in pictures! And sounds/looks like a busy one!
    Loving the shoes and also the pancakes! Havnt had them in years! Food for thought for the weekend. lol

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