In which I don’t go to dinner (OOTD)

That’s a Lie! This is completely what I wore to go to dinner at a friends house, with a whole load of other friends… ten people round a table for a Roast, it felt like Christmas come early! Three chickens & 2 huge pork joints (Katy would be disgusted at all the roastyness!)

So more gormless faces for you, as is becoming my signature look. gormface.


The Dress is from H&M (still in shops) and is sheer with lining. However I butchered the lining in the top half, as I preferred it a bit sheere (slut!) Its got two pockets to protect your dignity somewhat in the boob area though. In the summer I wore it with a bright coloured bandau bra. Here, as it was cold I stuck a grey vest top underneath.


I love this little horse belt, probably the cheapest thing I own to get the most compliments for! Nails are random splodges of colour with crackle on top. Will do another Nail post soon…


The Necklace is a little gold 4-leafed clover from Accessorize.


One of my favourite ways to make a black outfit (and, despite it maybe not seeming like it from the outfits I post here, I wear a lot of black, or Pyjamas) is to wear coloured tights with sheer patterned ones over the top. This day it was burgundy with bows on top. If you wanted a to do fishnets but less slutty, this idea works a treat!


And just for funnies, we did a few old school myspace pictures. how cool are we?


Face. Pretty standard, products are here

And some food pictures… The ‘henchest tiffin ever’ was made by a friend for the host, it was amazingly intricate, with little chess pieces made of solid chocolate, and the tiffin inside was BEST EVER!




I’ve had a nice couple of days off midweek this week, went bowling & to the cinema (fell asleep) and went on the Brighton Wheel again… so i’ll do a week in pictures type post at the weekend.

A random Question for you… what is your favourite meal ever?

3 thoughts on “In which I don’t go to dinner (OOTD)

  1. OH EM GEE this definitely nearly made me cry!
    I nearly clicked off the link 😉 (and debated emailing you instead!) BUT I but on a brave face.. HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO EAT THIS MAN?
    On a lighter note, your tights are awesome (skinny legs), love the colour and the pattern.. I keep saying it, but I REALLY need to get some nicer tights.xx

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