In which I show you recent clothes purchases

Just a couple of things I’ve bought over the last few weeks, I *think* I’ve decided to go on a no clothes/makeup/books spending ban from Jan 1st for three months. I spend the most money on these things, and I have SO MANY clothes and a shit tonne of make  up so I can clearly manage until then, and whatever I have left at the end of each month goes into the wedding fund (and a trip to Frankfurt in January!) It’ll be good for rediscovering things I forgot I own anyway…
“light raspberry” is what best describes the colour of this shirt, which was £4 at Primark, (the label said £8 I think…)
Slighty belled sleeves, black ad gold buttons and slouchy pockets. I’ve worn it to work, but would potentially wear it outside work. I never normally wear pink, I have no idea why I liked it so much…
The skirt is also from primark, (also £4 and worn in an outfit post here) but I probably wouldn’t pair the two things together to leave the house in!
Also a ‘wear to work’ dress, from H&M, reduced to £15 and available in white and navy too I think.
Slightly padded shoulders and a tulip shaped skirt,
With a low V back, works well with a thin belt too to help accentuate the waist, I reckon this would be flattering on most body types.

Other recent purchases include a midi length skirt (vaguely shown here) this fur trimmed cardigan as worn here, and a pair of shorts that I’ll wear in an outfit soon I expect.
What do you wear to work? Wish me luck on my spending ban!

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