In which I make Eggnog

I’d never tried eggnog before I made it, partly because I am normally a bah humbug, and partly because I am lactose intolerant. However, I decided I wanted to try it, couldn’t find it anywhere ready made (because we’re not in America, obviously) so decided to make a little batch to see if I liked it. I did, although my stomach hated me for it.


You Will Need:


2 Pints of milk, 6 eggs, 50g caster sugar, 3 tbsp Vanilla essence (whoops, not in the picture!) cinnamon sticks,

optional: brandy, mini marshmallows, cocoa for dusting, other decorative bits (mini chocolate stars!)


Bung ALL of the ingredients (in italics from the list above) and heat GENTLY, stirring slowly. Don’t let the heat go too high or your egg will begin to cook. ick.


after about 5 minutes the mixture should become thicker, you’re done!


I put a handful of mini marshmallows in the bottom of heavy goblet type glasses (please wait for it to cool a little, as the glass will be hot, and thinner wine glasses could well shatter!)


Added a dash of brandy in before adding the eggnog! You could also use Baileys or a flavoured liquer of any kind I guess… mint baileys for sure next time!


Decorated with cocoa powder and white chocolate stars, and flung the cinnamon stick into my glass for the pretty factor!



My housemate Lynne made vodka jelly shots for her secret Santa at work, which I thought was a brilliant idea, cheap, cheerful and you’re sure to get one too! She had a load of mixture left over so we filled out ice cube trays and now have jelly vodka ice cubes. scrummy!


I *think* that’s the end of my festive foody posts, if you missed the others they were Mulled Cider, festive cookies & chicken Pie (substitute chicken for turkey to make it úber festive!)

Annoyingly I left my Christmas food grocery shop till today, and asda, tescos and waitrose have all run out of delivery slots before Christmas! Will either do it in stages, or do it late one night at Asda in the Marina and get a cab home! Still haven’t decided quite what to cook on Christmas day yet though… I’m a little anti turkey so am hovering between gammon or duck. Or both.  Am cooking for four this year, so maybe both…

5 thoughts on “In which I make Eggnog

  1. Its a milky eggy drink and gives people with lactose intolerance a bad belly! to be honest I had to look it up before I made it, but people drink it on american TV shows so ya know, its gotta be good. right? actually wikipedia tells me that it may have originated in the east anglia before heading to the states. those blimming yanks owe us everything!! (if you’re an american reading this I JEST)

  2. I’ve never tried eggnog…. aaaaand… I don’t think I ever will! Pahaha!
    I was very clever (Yes, I’m smug!) and booked my ASDA delivery slot 3wks ago! *happy sigh* No way was I going to face the horrors of food shopping like last year! I’m cooking for 6 this year, I love the cookery/eating part of xmas.
    If I don’t “speak” to you before… have a wonderful Christmas! 😀 xx

  3. I have actually just realised I have never tried eggnog and what I thought was it was actually a snowball! I shall now have to try it for myself using your recipe! Noiiiiiice!!! 

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