In which I Suffer (and wear shorts)


Shorts – Primark

Top – Topshop

Cardigan – Peacocks

Wooly headband – Primark


Normally I change the buttons on anything from primark, but these are little bows, which I approve of, they did however come with braces, which I didn’t approve of, they were attached at the front, and buttoned at the back, they got snipped off sharpish!



(excuse slippers!)


Wore this earlier in the week for a Christmas Drink with my old flatmate. These shorts are in a size eight. I am not a size eight, so if you see them and want them, try before buying, because a ten fell down on me and I can still pull these up and down without undoing the zip at the back, and I have lost weight recently but not that much! Looking at these pictures the cardi is boxier than I thought, although I’ve been wearing it all week so perhaps its stretched a bit, or maybe I should have got it in a smaller size, but its already gaping at the buttons round the chest so would be even worse smaller. I don’t even have large boobbas so not sure why things do this!

In your opinion what shops are the ‘truest’ to actual sizing… Things vary so much from shop to shop, it really infuriates me!


Anyway…. I am preparing for the mothership landing at about 4 this afternoon for her three day stay. The boy is off to work for the evening (and then again at 7.30 tomorrow morning!) but at the moment my eyes are KILLING me, I have recurring conjunctivitis and blepheritis, and suffering badly! Why it chose 2 days ago to appear again I have no idea (usually stress but I have 11 days off work!) so I am on steroid cream, eye drops and eye baths every couple of hours. I look like the elephant man, puffy and nasty. Not pretty I tells you! The man at the eye hospital (why do they always have smelly breath?!) told me not to worry too much as it definitely shouldn’t affect my sight, now or in the future, but as my left eye only has about 50% vision I DO worry!

Hope you’re all ready for tomorrow!  I need to boil my Gammon (no turkey down here!) today, make my Christmas dessert (a variation of this scrumptiousness) make some cupcakes and possibly truffles, nip to the nice man in the wine shop on the corner and buy some cider! OH, and stick the fizzywhizzy in the fridge. And Hoover. I have however already changed the bed sheets and done 2 loads of washing.


Have a brilliantly festive day, however you are spending it!

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