In which I victoriously drink tea


Last week I got a lovely email telling me all about Victory Tea, a product which is sold online only (so no overheads and cheaper for the buyer/drinker!) in fact this quote from Sarah who runs the company says it all :

The ‘Primarni of the tea world’ Victory Tea is a designer teabag with a High Street price tag.

Can you tell she has a background in fashion? This is evidently on show with the BEA-utifully designed packaging & website.

VictoriousBox30 - small

“Each handy foil-wrapped sachets contains 40 teabags. A Superior Box for £16 (inc p&p) contains 16 sachets and a Victorious Box for £30 (inc p&p) contains 40 sachets. That’s a lot of teabags for your money. 640 in the Superior Box and 1,600 in the Victorious Box to be precise“

You can order a trial pack here for £1.50 (free P&P) which has 16 teabags in (foil wrapped in 8’s for freshness) to try it for yourself!

Now on to the actual flavour of the tea, its strong, which I like, and tastes just  as amazing black if that’s your cup of tea! (haha, see what I did there?) as it does with a drop of milk!

Victory Tea

If you’re still convinced by ordering tea and having it delivered right to your door, there is a calculator in the ‘nice stuff’ part of the website that shows you the savings you can make!

Victory Tea

_5275971 _5275972

Above are some snaps of the pretty packaging, and writing this post reminded me of a conversation (slash argument) I had with a few people when I was working as a chef in a BOILING hot kitchen one summer, when someone said it was too hot to drink tea and someone else retaliated with “oh no it isn’t! it helps to cool you down!” so I googled it, and found arguments for and against so i’ll let you make your mind up! I drink tea whatever the weather…

*I wrote this post myself, but the tea was sent to me for free to try!

7 thoughts on “In which I victoriously drink tea

  1. I got this too 🙂 and OOOPS I’m so bad I’ve never written about it! SHOOOT. best do it sometime soon!!
    The packaging is definitely the cutest 🙂 x

  2. I’m not a huge tea drinker, but I do like the odd cup on occasion – the packaging of this is so cute! I like strong tea too, so this sounds like something I’d drink! x

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