In which I DO go to the beach!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will have noticed that it got a bit hotter. The glory of Brighton is that it has a beach about a 5 minute walk away from work/myhouse/anything else in Brighton (we’re a compact city you know!) So for the last two days after work that is where I’ve been. Give it a few weeks and i’ll be bored of it (well, of the language school students and suchlike that over run in when it gets REALLY warm) but for now, here are some pictures (Olympus e520) from the last couple of days.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach  _5235609

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach  Brighton Beach

_5235648  _5235670

This crazy skirted/female swim suited guy came to tell us the sons of Zion were coming, he also talked about genitals.


This dude is renowned for dancing to whatever beat he can find. There was a live band playing, so he was dancing! Funnily enough I went to a photography exhibition celebrating Brighton the next day, he was there AND a picture of him. He talked nonsense at us though so I think his brain is addled.

_5245735  _5245718  Brighton Beach


Sam and his 2 friends swimming out to the farthest buoys… the water was freezing!


And something you didn’t know about me: two years ago I swam all the way round the remains of the west pier. against the tide daftly, it took us forever, I was completely knackered, I cut my foot on a submerged piece of barnacled something or other BUT it remains one of my favourite mini-achievements! Don’t do it kids, the lifeguards frown upon it! I kind of want to do it again this year though…

Nice weekend plans for all I hope, I have been invited to meet Lloyd Grossman at the Foodie Festival on Saturday, which will be amazing. If you’ve got any burning questions for him leave them below as there is Q&A session. Also I found out yesterday that one of Sams friends will be playing on the live music stage too, and one of my bridesmaids Emily is going, with a friend from school, so that all worked out pretty well! 

9 thoughts on “In which I DO go to the beach!

  1. oooh lucky you being able to cram in so much beach time! It looks just lovely. I am the most anti-swimming-in-the-sea person ever. (don’t blinking swim round the pier again missy, it’s dangerous!)
    I love how still the water looks in your photos. Is this really the UK? I’d quite forgotten its ever hot here…

  2. Well that sounds all very lovely! I heard you have to pay to get in tho, which did not interest me! Your pictures do the place justice! Ive been lovely driving along by the pier in this weather :). xxxx

  3. ahhh lovely photos lauren 🙂 i bloody love brighton! was the photography exhibition the one in churchill square?? i went to that and loved it- did you hang a wish on the tree?! xx

  4. They are some lovely pictures! We’ve been so lucky with the weather this week, it’s nice to make the most out of it isn’t it!!

    The Loyd Grossman event sounds like so much fun, can’t wait to hear about it 🙂

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  5. I love Brighton beaach. I went to brighton friday to visit my old housemate and just sat on the beach until the sun went down. I miss it so much. Well done you for swimming around the west pier. MY friend did the paddle round the pier race once and was knackered after. xx

  6. Your photos are lovely although I think you have convinced me that Brighton is full of crazy people! Haha. And, as someone who works for the Coastguard, consider your wrist slapped for swimming around the pier against the tide naughty lady! Haha. xxx

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