In which I go to the Foodie Festival

On Saturday Sam and I strolled through Brighton towards Hove Lawns, where the Foodie Festival was happening. Its a three day event, with oodles of stalls selling different types of food, and also stalls selling amazing drinks, things to make cooking more fun and tents with displays of cooking by celebrity chefs. Not only that, there was also a live music stage, and on that live music stage our friend Seb Blake happened to be playing! It was a lovely coincidence, as it meant that some other people we knew would be there too.
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We saw a band called Half Crown perform too, and they were amazing, a real mixture of numbers, a few with a trumpet flung in for good measure!
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Most stalls were enticing people to look closer with some amazing tasters, churros and pizza being my favourite.
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You could sit on a deck chair with your toes in the sand at the Jamie Oliver area (sand is something Brighton is lacking in!) or, like us cool down with a Pimms (although ours were posh Pimms with Prosecco & ginger beer in too!) in front of the music stage. We saw people wondering around sipping rum cocktails out of coconuts, or you could grab a Dorset Cider and sit in the shade.
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Hove Lawns is right on the Seafront, so there was a cooling breeze (too cool it turned out, as we all got sunburnt) and then we went for a little paddle in the sea afterwards.
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There are some more foodie festivals happening this summer, check out the website to see if there is one near you, then layer yourself in sun protection and get going!

5 thoughts on “In which I go to the Foodie Festival

  1. From top to bottom I want:
    *To learn how to play the guitar
    *The ice cream
    *A day in the beach with fab food near by
    *Chinese food
    *Are there cinnamon rolls? If so I want them. If no, I want it too.
    *8 layer cake
    *Your dress
    aaaaaaaaaand the shoes with the wings!
    That’s all.

  2. it looks like an amezzing day! The sunshine came at the right time for you, what a day. Lucky you, except the sunburn…

  3. I am gutted I missed the food festival!

    Love your trainers, I still feel the need to get a pair!!

    Cannot wait to meet you at the Brighton Bloggers Bash on Saturday!!

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