In which I visit Nymans Gardens

Sunday before last was a day of beauty; Sunny weather, a picnic in the lovely gardens of a (partly in ruins) stately home, then an afternoon of watching my fiancé hurtle around an American football pitch attempting to practically kill his opponents whilst they attempt to practically kill him.
Whilst the boys got their practise on at the pitch, Karina and I drove (through the windiest but prettiest little lanes, thanks google maps!) to Nymans Gardens, which is a National Trust property not far from Gatwick.
_5275984 _5275997_5276008 
Should that boy have a catapult? Its probably not original!
_5276009  _5276013_5276017 _5276025 _5276038
Myself & Karina
_5276040 _5276030 _5276041
The house was used as a school for evacuees during WWII, I would bloody LOVE to go to a school in these gorgeous surroundings!
_5276059 _5276069_5276092
Karina under the blossoms!
_5276089 _5276066
And last but not least, I guess I should include some snaps of the RIDICULOUSLY LONG AMERICAN FOOTBALL GAME!
_5276135 _5276111 
Been anywhere nice recently?!

4 thoughts on “In which I visit Nymans Gardens

  1. Wow that place looks stunning! I’ve been trying to get into American football since moving but man is it a slow game, I hate how stop start it is, just want them to get on with it!

  2. such a beautiful place, I love going around places like this, usually taking a gazillion photos. It looks like such a lovely day too. Those type of blossoms hold a special place in my heart, they were out at my reception venue, so pretty. Hope you’re keeping ok my dear x

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