In which show you my past and present hair

I’ve got the finest hair ever (apart from a new born baby/really old lady I guess..)

Its in awful condition & I have the odd stray grey hair (I KNOW, I’m too young!) Currently the ends are blondey and the top is my natural dark brown (I could say chestnut or auburn, bit I would be lying. It is brown) Because the bottom half has been bleached and then toned a few times its obviously not in good nick, but I find someone to trim the ends for me (the mothership or my friend Carla) every couple of months to get rid of the split ends. I have to wash it every 2 days without fail, or it gets greasy at the roots, and I’ve tried doing this to make it last longer between washes, but it just isn’t happening! Dry shampoo doesn’t help either!

23651_381336542826_568922826_4263401_3533885_nIf I could get away with it for work I would have dreads, not big huge rasta dreads but little ones. My hair takes forever to comb through (yes I have a tangle teaser and no, it doesn’t make it stress free), so If I’m not going to work it doesn’t get brushed. I know, what a gross thing to do, but it takes me forever and it hurts, so why bother? I untangle the bits I can with my fingers and go to bed with it damp normally, this results in it having random waves/kinky bits and that’ll do fine. I just cant be faffed with blow drying & straightening it all the time, and I prefer it messy. (see pictorial evidence)

I’ve tried thickening and Bodifying shampoos & sprays, but either i’m using them wrong or they just don’t work. I tried the ‘Samy’ range from Superdrug when it was on offer, and if Bodifying means coating it in thick gunk then no thanks! Perhaps I was using it wrong, or got a bad batch, but I just couldn’t get along with this product! Generally they leave my hair icky and heavy feeling and it goes greasy about two hours after I put the stuff in. I don’t condition my hair every time I wash it because I always believed that this made it lank and heavy, but recently I’ve heard otherwise. The other thing I try and do (if I can handle it) is a cold water rinse, this is meant to close up the follicles & leave it shiny. Not sure it does either but it certainly gives you a shock.

I had an email from supersavvyme (not even sure when I joined up & not related to being a blogger, btw) a month or so ago asking for volunteers to try out a newly revamped Pantene range, specifically for your hair type. Now most brands do various ranges based on hair types, so this is nothing new but if it actually works then I will be dancing for joy! There is a shampoo, a regular conditioner & a deep conditioner. They also sent out samples to give out to friends and family with a little report to fill in on the thoughts, so I’ve been giving those out to people too…

I wanted to wait till I’d used up most of the other shampoos & conditioners that I had on the go (I am a compulsive bathroom product addict, if its on offer it goes in the basket!) so although these arrived in November I’m only starting to use them now. I’m not going to buy any more until I need to, and you never know, It might work and make my hair easier to manage and shinier looking!

I’ll report back in a few weeks on my thoughts, but if you wanted to try it in the mean time Superdrug have it at half price.

And just for funnies… Here is a timeline of my hair…. (putting this together was incredibly cringey!)

oldhairLoz 2001 – Natural or dyed darkest brown (I was a semi goth, but I think the white is a little exaggerated there!)

green me ick 230201_6784812015_696102015_396987_7232_n2003 (don’t ask about the pose, but the hair lasted 4 months, at one point with purple streaks. A lady who used to come into the shop I worked told me I looked like a parrot, and meant it as a compliment!)

meveryblonde Purple Loz [as Jimmy Hendrix DIDN'T say]2004 Bleach blonde & purple streaks (amongst others, at this point I was changing my hair as much as I changed my socks)

majorca2 2005 (purple/blue/brown braided extensions, also MY EYEBROWS! WHERE ARE THEY?!)

PICT0128 2006 A gingery fringe!

n508637753_870588_990n539971851_1248301_9799 2007 Blondish again, then dark brown (shortly followed with a few inches being hacked off!)

 5660_118938104712_513679712_2220626_3711628_n7528_147508132753_508637753_3444652_6171094_n 2008 purple and blue chunks over blonde highlights

n505582038_1944578_5155900_118293732753_508637753_2944227_5697023_n 2009 a Poodle-eqsue home perm to add waves, with various al over colours on a brown theme…

35678_438432482753_508637753_5865406_6634662_nSDC15834SDC16882 2010, shorter and darker, and then in September is when the dip dye first arrived, a couple of inches of actual bleach blonde and no toner at first, then it edged higher up and became slightly less bright. Every time my mother sees it she says ‘and do you still like your hair like that?’ err, yes I do.



So, people! PLEASE tell me what you do to your hair to keep it in good condition? How often do you wash it, what with? Any crazy hair styles?

Please please send me pictures to have a chuckle/ gape in admiration at!

Oh, and Happy 2012!!

16 thoughts on “In which show you my past and present hair

  1. Ooh I like the gingery fringe one! Fringes suit you! I also have verrrry fine hair – I used to never condition it as I thought it made it greasier quickly, but lately I have conditioned every time I wash it and it has been fine. I wash every 2-3 days and use dry shampoo inbetween washes. I highly recommend VO5 Miracle Concentrate – it really helped improve the condition of my hair, I just use a few drops on the ends of my hair after washing and it really softened and strengthened my hair; even my hairdresser noticed I had less split ends and thought my hair had grown a lot more than usual, so it’s worth a go 🙂

  2. I love 2006 and now!

    I cut an dyed my hair so much this year that I chopped it short, and instantly regretted it so trying to get it long again, currently wearing extensions alot, which probably isnt great for my hair but makes me feel better! I hardly ever straighten or curl mine anymore which defo helps, I’ve always managed to just wash my hair every 4 days which is a god send. I a macademia oil before I blow dry my hair and its helped with the condition so much, I’d be lost without it!

  3. I have horrendously frizzy hair. It has been a nightmare for years and a combo of a million different shampoos. I wash and condition every 2/3 days and only blow dry when necessary. I get it cut every 8 weeks and always use heat protection serum. 
    Love your documented hair journey, you’ve really done a lot with it! 

  4. I also think the fringe really suits you 🙂 My hair is super fine too, but I would recommend conditioner, just the ends, where you’ve bleached and toned. Leave the roots to their natural oils as it sounds like they don’t need any help. I’ve been using Body Shop free from shampoo and conditioner, no silicones, parabens etc. I haven’t changed my shampoo for about a year at least! And my hair gained volume as it was no longer being dragged down by loads of crap. I really like it but currently my hair is very dry, and I’ve never really had that before. I think I’m going to have to find some decent deep conditioner and make sure I always use heat protection when I style. A friend of mine whose hair is similar to yours found the Body Shop conditioner was not enough, and her hair was still really tangled, even though it’s much shorter than ours. 
    I wash my hair EVERY DAY. If I am going to work and I wear it up I can just about bear to wear it up without washing but my fringe cannot survive a non wash day, whatever that Rachael says, besides which, her hair is totally different to ours! 
    Anyway, I really enjoyed this post, especially the pics! I have also had bleach blonde strips, purple, red, black but where those pictures are is a mystery, and I am happy for it to stay that way! Oh yes: green = OMG!!! 😀 xx

  5. I think i’ll give that a go! I’m always a bit wary of oils, but I think I am a chronic over user of everything, its never a ‘pea sized’ amount with me! I find that dry shampoo still makes me feel like its dirty… I have bought 2 cans of it though, so will get used to using it if it kills me! Thanks for the info fellow Lauren! 

  6. Not using heat is really helpful, luckily I normally wash it before bed and it dries over night, but I think an oil is definitely they way forward! Also looking at this post makes me want a fringe, but I KNOW i will hate it when I have it done! arghh decisions! 

  7. hahah, epic reply! I bet you know where the hair pictures are reeeeaaaally! Will definitely try the paraben free stuff when I have trialled this pantene lot out, but so far so good and my hair is feeling pretty nice for a change! 

  8. I remember those braids! (Assuming they’re the ones I did when you visited) and watching the ring movies putting them in. Was it really 2005? I thought it was earlier! Time flies…

    (And the fringe does look ace – but as a fellow possessor of fly away fine hair, they’re a BUGGER to style.)

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