Travel: Four Of The Most Instagrammable Holiday Hotspots

Rightly or wrongly, the world we live in is cosmetic. The things we do, we often do to show off. It’s one of the reasons Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are market leaders today. And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with a bit of peacocking now and again. Sure, too much of it is indulgent and a little self-centred. But the right amount is entertaining, enjoyable and a confidence boost. With that in mind, it makes sense to consider aesthetics the next time you go on holiday. Price, location and travel dates are important, but so are the posts for the ‘gram!

Here are four of the best for you to choose from…



This region doesn’t need anyone else to say it’s beautiful; everyone in the world already knows. And, just check out if you need evidence. It isn’t just the unbelievable beaches and rugged coastline which make Cannes attractive. Sure, lying on the golden sand with a pina colada in hand is pretty special. But there is more to the region, such as the iconic streets filled with history and culture. Oh, and don’t forget the gorgeous when and women that frequent the spot with their yachts and cheque books in tow. Honestly, it’s quite a sight in person and on social media.


Koh Lipe


Thailand has a reputation for being a destination for seediness and debauchery and neighbours like Japan prosper. The truth is there are places where both of things are available and even promoted. Still, it’s a huge country and that means there are spots which are idyllic as they hard to spell! Because staying on the beaten track is boring, Phi Phi and Koh Tao and the other party islands are out. Instead, Lipe is a relatively untouched island paradise with small bars, beachside restaurants, and a lack of foot traffic. Take a trek to the top of the island and there is a sunset to die for, too.



Search “the most beautiful places in the world” and the old favourites pop up like clockwork. Yes, Portofino does deserve to be on because it’s incredible. However, there are jewels in the crown that go unnoticed yet should get more respect. In fact, it’s better to keep a place like Mykonos, Greece a secret so that you can enjoy it longer. Located in the Aegean Sea, it’s like a time warp back to Ancient Greece with cobbled streets and baking weather. Do you need any more reasons to head to and book a flight?


Timor Leste

For those that don’t know, TL spawned from the Indonesian troubles a couple of decades ago. With the likes of Papua New Guinea, it became its own country and opened for tourism. People flocked because, well, it’s absolutely stunning. Sitting in the Timor Sea, there is scuba diving, snorkelling and a host of scenery at the beaches. Plus, there are hundreds of islands in the area which are worth a visit. Try Komodo, home of the infamous Komodo dragon.


Is there somewhere else you’d like to add to the list?

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