Interior Design Trends You NEED To Know About!

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There is nothing more exciting than being able to redecorate your home. Sure, it’s a huge undertaking and you will almost certainly have a lot to get on with, but decorating gives your home a fresh new look. It gives you a chance to breathe a little life into the place that you call home, while also getting your house ready for a pending sale one day! You may not be in any position to want to sell your house right now, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be one day. 


The biggest problem with interior design choices is what’s on trend for this year. The 2019 interior design trends are completely different from the trends of 2017, and that means that the trends of 2020 and 2021 are again, going to be completely different. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick whatever trend that you want – from whichever year fits your style and taste. Just because something isn’t “on point” or “for the ‘Gram” for 2020 doesn’t mean that you cannot have it. 

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The good news is that there are plenty of options for you if you want to redecorate your house. From minimalist designs to industrial styles, there are options out there for you to choose from. You can be as reserved or as over-the-top as you like when it comes to your house; it’s yours, after all. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular design trends out there that you could really benefit from having in your home.

Go Sustainable In Your Decor

One of the best trends out there at the moment is to go sustainable with your choices. Always choose ethical materials from stores and designers that care about the planet, and always buy things you can afford in that range rather than because you can. Suitable options that are handmade and crafty are excellent for those who want to choose a sustainable decor option. This can be the foundation of your new home look, and it gives you that feeling of “coming home” when you invest.

Go For Primary Colours

It’s not for everyone to go for primary colours in their home, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t. Primary colours are bold, expressive and they really do stand out. If you want to have primary colours in the home but aren’t sure about covering the rooms with it, why not go for a basic white or grey or black base, and then add pops of the primary colours around the room. Not only will this allow you to indulge in some extra colour through the home, it gives you the chance to inject a little brightness through the house!

Bring Nature Inside

Your garden doesn’t have to remain on the outside of your home. Bringing a little nature in with floral designs, flowers and even greenery can not only bring some bold colours, but a fresh smell of nature throughout your home. You’ll have access to fresher air that is pollution-free, and you’ll get a new look that you can do yourself!

Go All Out With Art

It’s also a great  idea to decorate your walls with some wall art or posters. You can even personalize your home and make it more you by creating your own posters with your favorite quotes. It’s super easy and doesn’t have to be expensive! Simply choose your favorite quote, download premium fonts for free, and use Canva to make your poster.  The walls throughout your home don’t have to be plain or block colours. They can be bold and brave, and by introducing a sophisticated art collection to the home, you can achieve this look quite quickly. You can have art installations dotted around your home to be entirely different!

Pastels Are Back!

You do love a pastel colour, right? Good, because if you look across Instagram, pale pinks and pastels are back in. Think peach and bronze, pink and gold, silver and grey – it’s all very delicate and light and very feminine. These colours compliment so well to put a tired room back in the mix for a beautiful space to be.

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Aim For Florals

We talked about bringing nature inside, but it’s not just about the greenery and plants, it’s about florals, too. Florals are back in fashion on the runway, so it’s natural that they’ll be back in interior design. You don’t have to go nuts with the patterns, but you can inject flowers all over the home. Sunflowers in the kitchen, tulips in the bedroom, asters in the nursery – it all fits! Go a bit further with stencilled flowers throughout the bathrooms and chuck on some floral curtains – there is no limit!

Go Bold

Bold colours may feel like a bad idea, but think of colours away from the primary colours and coat your home in them. Think about ruby reds and bold indigo, or go the other way with subtle pastels that look bold against a white or black theme. Create the look that suits your home and add accessories that match! There are some colours like dark greens (think forest!) and eccentric blues that really are bold in a home of grey, white or black. Your home looks like something from an adventure when you a little bigger with bolder colours. Bright colours are great to add status, and this is what you want to achieve when you are redecorating your home with interior design themes. Who doesn’t want a little drama?

Patterns For Days

You can choose from a wide range of ideas here, from mosaic tiles to graphics that match the comic books! You can transform a white kitchen into a place of beauty and patterns can really change the way that your home looks. Think of patterned textiles if patterns on the walls aren’t your thing. Modern patterns like the ones that you find here are always winners for those who want to change the way that they do their house. You can add some extra life to your house from room to room, and all because you decided to add some patterns.

Decorate In Handmade Items

When you think about sustainable decor, think about handmade items that can be kept in the home. Things made of wicker and bamboo, organic materials and jute. These can be in the form of hall runners, decorations for the walls and even blinds on the windows. You can completely transform the room with handmade items that make the space pop. Natural materials make the home look really earthy and chic with minimal effort.

A Little Boho, Yo

Boho art was in for 2019 100%. You can add some eye-catching patterns with Bohemian art pieces, and it gives a rustic home a modern twist. The old Bohemian look is a little outdated, but modern Boho artwork and patterns are the best thing you can add. Check some out here.

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Look To The Floor

Wooden flooring never goes out of fashion. Whether you are choosing dark wood or light, it carries through no matter the other decor or colours in the house. It also has the knack of making the whole room look clean and linear. Lighter shades of wood really open up the space, while darker shades look more dramatic and chic. They’re the new love, and they should be embraced as much as possible. If you can’t afford the original wood or to restore original wooden floors, then go for wood-look vinyl! You get the flooring you want with the price you need.

Aim For Subtlety

Did you know that acrylic furniture is chic? Most people don’t until they see their favourite Instagram accounts embracing it. It can stop the room looking cluttered and allow you to fit right in! You don’t need to buy tons to overload a room, but acrylic furniture still has a place in the home!

Go Minimalist

The white look? It’s not as in as it used to be. It can be too clinical, too clean. White isn’t in, but dark? That’s in! Dark countertops create a dramatic look without even trying and you can add some exciting colours to contrast your kitchen walls, too. Think industrial furniture and the chrome and metallic look. Think exposed brick! That kitchen clock and appliances can all be a lime green colour, or bright banana yellow against the black and chrome! For something a little more sophisticated, add a burgundy touch.

Black Is Best

Black is one beautiful colour to add to your home. Black sofas, rugs, furnishings; you name it, you should go as dark as you like. You get a luxury, high-end look without even trying! You can see your bathroom transform to run of the mill shower room to a classy spa-feel room without even trying!


Now that you know which trends you could aim for, from a 2017 treat to a 2019 one, you can start to transform your home with ease. Don’t waste any time: it’s a New Year ahead and there are many changes to be had! 

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