Interiors: What to add to your Sideboard

A sideboard shouldn’t be an afterthought and it shouldn’t just be seen as storage. It’s also a piece of furniture was has earned a new lease of life in recent years. Indeed, whilst in the 60s and 70s this most ambitious of pieces was restricted to the dining room, they have now started showing up in bedrooms, hallways and living rooms across the globe. Sideboards represent the perfect meeting of form and function and they can work in almost any room as long as you know how to present them.

Let’s be honest, whilst the flooring and the wallpaper do have an effect, our rooms are often defined by the furniture we choose to put in them. Sofas, armchairs and coffee tables make a living room, for example, whilst a bed make a bedroom (obviously) and a dining table makes a dining room. The classic sideboard, meanwhile, is less of a defining piece of furniture and more of an accentuation – something used not to define a room, but to complete it.

It is also a piece of furniture that is perfectly built to support decoration, which is why we’ve compiled a general list of some of the items that no sideboard so be without, whether it’s a beautiful bespoke piece from Costwold Co or an upcycled piece from your local antique store.



House plants are an ideal fit for the average sideboard, particularly in a living room where there is so much light and so much room for lively decoration. Whether you are going for a Mediterranean vibe with tropical flowers and a cactus, or something more ornate and ‘British’, the typical sideboard should be able to support a range of house plants and the fact that they generally sit at was it height means they are also very easy to access for watering.



Stereo systems are often relegated to the back of the room in a world where the TV is the focal point of the living room, the bedroom and sometimes even the dining room. There is something undeniably classic about mounting a vinyl record player and speaker system on a sideboard. Most will also include ample room to store your record collection!



Lighting is important in any room of the house, and a sideboard can act as a perfect platform from which to accentuate your room with lamps or LED lighting. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that any lighting you use is supported by the sideboard itself, but from a design perspective, the sky really is the limit.


Your Very Own Bar

Drinks are often served from sideboards, particularly when they are installed in living rooms and dining rooms. Indeed, the storage space and the elegance of their construction makes sideboard bars seem like an excellent idea for those of us that want our own bar but could never dream of affording one. Ether as a cocktail or a craft beer station, sideboards can potentially turn any room into a trendy modern bar with the right accoutrements and the right decoration.

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