5 Things to do on Lanzarote at any age

Whilst it might have a reputation as something of a ‘party island’ (and it certainly can live up to that reputation if you know where to look), Lanzarote is also an island that features a little bit of everything and could actually be the perfect family holiday. This is particularly true if you decide to rent a Villa Plus villa, which offers you a comfortable home base from which to explore the island. Warm, but far from uncomfortable average temperatures of 22C, a short plane journey from most UK airports and some of the best beaches and attractions in Europe add up to a location that shouldn’t be skipped over if you’re in the market for a family holiday on the Canary Islands. To underline the family-friendly nature of the island, we’ve compiled a list of great activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family, so whether you’re planning a road trip in Lanzarote or a more luxurious stay read on to find out what else you can get up to – whether you’re  8, 18 or 80!

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Camel Rides

A  definite step up from a donkey ride on Blackpool beach, Lanzarote is famous for its camels and a ride amongst the volcanic dunes of the “Mountains of Fire” is a ride you certainly won’t soon forget. Even if you are tentative about putting your life in the hands (or humps) of a camel, however, we’d recommend taking your kids to the Timanfaya exhibition, particularly if they’re studying geography!


Geothermal Food

Lanzarote contains some 300 volcanoes and lava fields and this is something that’s truly taken advantage of by the El Diablo restaurant, which actually uses thermal heat to cook its food. The venue itself is also a sight to behold.


Park Life

Not only does Lanzarote boast a spectacular water park (perfectly placed as a foil to the island’s desert climate), but it also plays host to the Rancho Texas zoo and water park. The Aquapark Costa Teguise is a typical Spanish water park, complete with hair-raising attractions and more subtle delights (for the young ones). Rancho Texas, meanwhile, boasts dolphins, lions and plenty more besides in a beautifully maintained park that really needs to be seen to be believed.


Lanzarote Aquarium

If the water park and zoo seem a little ‘wild’ for your pack, why not opt for something a little less active and a little more tranquil. The Lanzarote aquarium is world-class, with giant tanks containing everything from stingrays to sharks. An affordable and decidedly relaxed way to spend an afternoon that will almost certainly keep the kids entertained for at least an hour.


Movie Magic

Twice a day, the Starlight Open Air Cinema offers families the chance to catch a classic feature and a brand new release at the Biosfera Plaza shopping complex. The complex itself contains five floors of both local and international stores, but it’s the cinema on the roof that really sells it.

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  1. I’ve never been to Lanzarote but I remember my best friend going every year when I was at primary school! Water parks are always a big draw for us on holiday!

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