Interiors: 5 must-haves for your home

If you’re hanging off on a holiday abroad this year, you might have ringfenced some of your budget to make a few domestic improvements? If lockdown restrictions continue to east and progress continues, we should be able to socialise fairly freely with family and friends in our homes once again, which is as good a reason as any to make sure that everything’s looking fantastic in your home as the cold recedes and the sun comes out (fingers crossed!).

So with that in mind, here are five must-haves for your home – enjoy! 

  • Book nook

If you love escaping between the pages of a good book, then a book nook (or reading nook) will soon become your absolute favourite area in your home. Whether you create an ad-hoc space in a stairwell or a dedicated area in a bay window, you can cosy up and enjoy some nourishing ‘me time’ as you enjoy the latest page-turner.

Sounds good? Look at these book nook tips from House Beautiful

  • Pop art

Whether you want some Andy Warhol dayglo Campbell’s soup can posters, cartoon-strip Roy Lichtenstein prints, or cushions featuring Keith Haring’s abstract humanoid figures, Pop Art Is always a conversation piece in any home.

Take a look online and you’ll find the right piece to fit your home décor – sites like have smashing selections! 

  • Cuddle puddle

A cuddle puddle (also known as hot tub) might be the best addition you ever make to your garden. On a warm evening, what could possibly be nicer than relaxing with a few special pals in a heated bubble bath as you enjoy a flute of champagne, tankard of beer or cocktail pitcher?

Nothing. That’s what. So take a look at the cuddle puddle selection from The Hot Tub Superstore and treat yourself!

  • Kitsch homeware

Whether it’s a vibrant vase for your hallway, a set of bamboo curtains for your kitchen or a quirky teapot, kitsch homeware always makes you and your visitors smile.

If you visit, you’ll find lots of fantastic kitsch products for sale, such as Milagro heart cushions, Guadeloupe bottles, floral oilcloths and more.  They’ll also match perfectly with your pop art picks – see how it’s all coming together?

  • Ravishing rendering

If you want to switch up your home décor without spending a fortune by getting the builders in, rendering the exterior yourself is manageable and it can dramatically improve its appearance. Render systems are available in various colours and finishes, so with a little research into the appropriate application techniques, your home façade will look like new. 

Check out top suppliers like Direct Building Products for a full range of render as well as other home and commercial building supplies. 

And there you have it – the perfect plan to get your home ship-shape inside and out.  With these changes implemented, it’s party time once again (in a sensible, measured manner naturally!).

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