Interiors: 6 Things That Can Ruin Your Home Décor

Most of us spend a lot of our time and money making our homes look good, so it can be pretty upsetting when all of our hard work is ruined by a single mistake. Don’t let that happen to you by being aware of the following things that can ruin your home decor.


Many of us like to shop, and we like to buy lots of nice things for the house whether we really need them or not. This can be fine in small doses but if you let your home get too cluttered, your beautiful choice of wallpaper will be obscured, your wonderful parquet floor will be invisible, and none of you will be able to sit back and relax. Take the time to declutter your home monthly, getting rid of anything that isn’t useful or beautiful and curate a really amazing looking home.

Getting the scale wrong

If you want your home to look amazing, then one thing you really need to pay attention to is scale. If you have a tiny room and you fill it with huge pieces of furniture, it will look ridiculous, the same is true of placing tiny furniture in a large room. Everything should always be in proportion.


Smoking is one of those things that can really ruin your home decor without you realising it is happening. If you smoke, over time, nicotine will stain your wallpaper and paintwork sod that it looks dull and dirty. If you smoke, giving up or switching to pod vape kits will help you to avoid this problem, and it is also possible to clean nicotine stains, although it can take a lot of effort. Better to not let the problem build up in the first place.

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Making everything match

Some homeowners have this pathological need for everything to match. They choose a palette of one or two, maybe three colours and make sure everything in that room is a shade of those colours, and they do the same with textures too. This can make the home feel boring, impersonal and uninteresting. Don’t be afraid to let colours, styles and textures clash because in doing so, you will create a room that has a real unique style, that you love.

Not cleaning often enough

Lord knows many of us have so much on our plate that cleaning is not a priority, and you don’t exactly have to be Mrs Hinch, but if you want your home decor to look its best, then you need to clean it regularly. This not only means dusting and disinfecting but also vacuuming, fabric cleaning, laundering and… well you get the idea. The cleaner your home is, the better the decor you’ve chosen will be able to sparkle.

Blocking out light

You may love those curtains or think those blinds look really cute, but if you use them to block out too much of your home’s natural light, the place will look dark, dingy and not very impressive at all, so always choose your window treatments carefully when designing your home.

Avoid these errors and avoid ruining your home decor!

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