How to teach your kids the value of money

There are many qualities which are always going to be important if you want your kids to have a decent, full life. One of the most significant is for them to have an idea of the value of work. This is important for so many reasons and in so many ways, not least the fact that it encourages them to be able to work hard when they actually have a job in their adult life. If you are keen to try and teach your kids the value of work, there are a few ways in which you can do this, so let’s look now at what those might be.

Set Goals

One of the ways you can do this is by initially setting them some goals that they can then try to follow. It doesn’t really matter too much what those goals are, the main point is that there are some that they can reach for. This encourages in them a sense of what it is like to aim for something and reach it, and that can prove to tie in very well with the overall work ethic vibe. So make sure that you are setting them goals from an early age if you want to have this effect.

Get Them To Do Chores

One of the main reasons that you should get your children to do chores is that it is an effective and easy way to get them to understand what work is about, and why it’s important to do it. Of course, it is also just a matter of ensuring that they are doing their bit in the household, which is also important. Get them to do a few chores a week at least and you should find that it really helps them to understand and appreciate work all the more.

Find Them Work Early On

The earlier that you get your children to start working, the better, as they are going to have a sense of what it is about and why it is important as early as possible. You should therefore seek out some work that they are going to enjoy doing, and which is simple and easy but helps them to get into the working state of mind. That could be a paper delivery, brownie delivery or whatever else you might think they would enjoy. Whatever it is, it is going to have the desired effect.

Set The Example

As with anything else that you do, you are always going to be setting an example with how you behave towards work yourself. As such, it is worth making sure that you are setting a good one, and that your child is going to understand why you have the approach to work that you have. Set the right example, and they will unconsciously pick up on a work ethic which will likely carry them through life, making their career in the future much easier and more likely to be hugely successful. This is something to consider right now.


This is a collaborative post. Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash 

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