Interiors: A home office in limited space

We don’t have the glorious benefit of a spare room, and if we did it would become a nursery for the new arrival anyway! So sadly I do most of my blogging from the sofa, but this is getting problematic for a couple of reasons. The first is only temporary, and that is that it is pretty hard to get comfortable with a large bump and a laptop for any long period of time, despite having oodles of cushions to prop me up. The second is that I get distracted by the TV, don’t have anywhere comfy to write notes and keep losing the pen between the sofa cushions. Ideally I want to make a space in our home somewhere that I can set up my laptop and get some work done in peace, with no distractions and with a space to make notes too!





Long term readers may remember me wanting to not go back to my day job and start freelancing after maternity, well obviously that didn’t happen last time but perhaps it will after this baby! Childcare costs will be doubled with two children, and sadly I don’t think my salary will be to make up for it! So setting up a nice home-office space will be a good incentive for me I think! What else would I do to start planning this but turn to pinterest of course!

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There are other things for me to think about if I do start freelancing and working from home, apart from where I would be writing from. Firstly I would need to have some child free time to get things done and avoid working every evening as soon as they’re asleep, so perhaps a childcare swap with friends would be a cheaper option that a proper nursery. I’d also need to make sure I was getting one of the best broadband deals I could find to make sure money isn’t going down the drain on an unnecessarily elaborate package. Thankfully with my shiny new laptop that Sam got me for a birthday present I wouldn’t need to worry about that for a good few years at least!

So who knows, maybe in a years time I’ll be typing up my posts from the comfort of a well organised work space and not from the sofa! Wish me luck!

This is a collaborative post, all words and opinions my own.


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  1. Our desk and PC has been wedged into our bedroom and I dream of one day having a spare room to have a proper home office. We’re looking to have an extension though and may incorporate an office into our new kitchen somewhere! x

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