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In today’s society, all of us are trying to become more eco-friendly, and it might be a challenge to keep up without harming the environment. It is always worth considering how you can be greener and to incorporate a ‘greener’ way of living in our homes too. Here are a few ideas…

Let the light in!

Open up your curtains or remove them completely. Turn off all the lights and let the natural light get into your house! Let as much sunlight and daylight as possible and you won’t only reduce your energy bills, but will create an entirely different mood in your household as well! Moreover, this works as a way to improve your health, Many scientists agree that people feel happier getting natural light rather than from light bulbs. So – it is a win-win in many ways!


Get products with low VOC content

VOC  or “volatile organic compounds” are harmful to your health. So you should avoid them as much as possible! VOC can be found in many household items like paints, household cleaning products, furniture, carpets and more. So, when you are looking to bring new products into your home, always look for those elements that do not have VOC or at least be sure that it has low VOC content. This would be for your protection too, not just for the environment!

Place plants as a décor element with function

Another thing you can do to make your house more eco-friendly is introduce a few plants into your household. These plants won’t be just be pleasing to the eye but will also will be a natural air filter – plants filter air and make it clearer and healthier to breathe. But take notice that you should keep just a couple of small plants in your bedroom. Apparently the more plants there are in the room you sleep, the harder it is for you to breath. Plants absorb oxygen during the night, and that means a lot less of it for you. But in the rest of your home added greenery is definitely a bonus.


Use organic and natural materials

It might sound paradox, but by using natural and organic materials you can help save the  Earth a little bit at a time. In fact, if you choose furniture or décor elements made from reusable materials like wood, and avoid plastics you are helping the environment a lot more than you might think. Real wood flooring is perfect for creating a natural and cosy look. Also, particleboard and chromed metals are on the bad list, so worth cutting down if you can.

Wool-stuffed organic materials also worth remembering

For your mattresses, pillows, carpets and beddings there are lots of eco-friendly options. Look for items that are wool-stuffed; It will help to keep away all the dust mites that cause allergies and are not good for your health. So it won’t only protect you, but also helps environment – wool is a reusable, natural material and completely organic, and is incredibly durable, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

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